The Chocolate Guilt…

Hey girls,

Let’s talk about social media – we all love it right? But sometimes social media can have a negative impact on your life. I feel like there are so many bloggers and celebrities who display beautifully how perfect their lives are – wake up with flawless skin every morning, go to the gym every day and never fail to make a green smoothie for breakfast. All of this is amazing but let’s be honest, most of us will wake up with a bit of makeup around the eyes from the day before, feel too tired to function and will half sleep walk into the kitchen to make a bowl of Coco-Pops for breakfast. This is definitely where I fall, in between trying to be the green smoothie girl but most of the time ending up being the Coco-Pops girl – they’re just so yummy!
Nobody ever talks about what life is really like and therefore we’re all so hard on ourselves for not being the green smoothie girl every minute of every day.
Just this morning, I thought I must be good and not eat too much today but it’s Easter Sunday and you know what I am going to stuff my face with chocolate (I’ve already had waffles and Nutella for breakfast!).
Life is great and should be fun! It shouldn’t be about counting every calorie or comparing yourself to every other girl out there, you should do what’s right for you. If you love going to the gym every day then great, good for you! If you, like me, push yourself in going to the gym but don’t love it as much as others then that’s great also.
Everyone is different, instead of judging ourselves and others all the time, we should accept who we are and have fun.
With all that in mind, you go and enjoy the chocolate and we’ll worry about going to the gym laterE6A87998-C224-4B0A-886B-BD3B1BCC907A.jpeg 🙂

Lot’s of love xx

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