Say Yassss to Vintage!

Hey gals,

So I recently visited one of my favourite vintage shops; Rokit (the one in London Covent Garden) and managed to find 4 pieces that I am super excited to wear and just couldn’t resist buying!
I quite often visit vintage stores and leave feeling a little disappointed that I didn’t find anything. It is very much a ‘get your sleeves rolled up and get digging’ sort of task, filtering through a lot of not so great pieces in the hope that you’ll walk out of there with at least one great find. But every now and then a bit of luck comes your way and it’s just such a good feeling when you find something you know you’re going to love wearing.

If you’ve never really understood vintage or thought about it before, here are my reasons to try and pursuade you…
1. Every piece is unique (if it’s proper vintage) and so you’ll never see somebody wearing the same outfit as you. High-street giants at the moment (the likes of Topshop/H&M/New Look etc) are all copying each other and ripping off designers and personally I am totally bored with it! I don’t want to walk down the street and see 10 people pass me wearing the same thing, whatever happened to standing out I say!
2. The pieces are usually great quality and were usually originally sold at a higher price point so you know you’re getting good value for money.
3. Not everything on sale in a vintage shop is for super fashionable hipster people, there is something for everyone, whether it be a pair of denim jeans, a mini skirt, a stripe t-shirt, a good quality plain jumper or even a pair of leopard print scary-spice like flared trousers, trust me with patience and perseverance you’ll find some great gems over time.

Clothes to me are all about expressing how I feel which is why my style can really vary. I know a lot of people out there are very good at planning what they are going to wear the night before but I just can’t do that, it really depends on how I feel that morning; I could be in a playful fun girly mood where I want to dress like Cher from Clueless to a ‘I can’t be bothered with today’ kind of mood where I just want to throw on an easy dress and trainers or a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

So onwards with the clothes I bought…

1. This blue checked dress I just absolutely fell in love with. When I saw it on the rails I thought it’s probably going to look really unflattering on me but I really liked the buttons down the middle, the shoulder pads (yes I did say SHOULDER PADS!) and the high split on the leg so I went and tried it on – you need to keep an open mind when shopping after all.
I’ll be wearing this with my white Converses or my black flatform sandals this summer and do you want to know the best thing about this dress?…

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2. This jumper is CRAZZYYY!! But I absolutely adore it. This is the jumper I am going to wear when I’m in a fun mood or in need of a little pick me up; this jumper makes me super happy. I’ve styled it with some ripped denim shorts (very short shorts, I think I might have shrunk them in the wash by accident, whoops!) but I’ll also wear this with jeans in colder months and a pair of trainers. This jumper was a little bit more expensive at £35 but still a bargain compared to how much money we’re are spending in Topshop these days (every time I visit that place I think they must have hiked their prices up again!), and to me £35 is worth it for the quality of the fabric and the amazing unique print.

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3. I also bought this really cute 50’s looking dress. I just love the bright print here and the length of the dress. I am the kind of person who is always running around a million miles an hour so I always wear clothing that I am not going to be pulling down every few seconds or contstantly checking if my bum is showing to the poor people walking behind me down the street – I’ve seen some sights haha!
It comes with this really cute tie in the same print that is easy to tie around my waist and can be tied in different ways. I cannot wait until summer to wear this one with cute sandals or my white Converses again (in case you hadn’t noticed – I live in trainers!). This dress was a steal at only £20.

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4. Then finally, I just saw these flared trousers and couldn’t resist! I am a sucker for anything metallic, pink, fluffy and just generally 90’s crazy – like a moth to a flame!
Now usually these tight fitting leggings don’t look great on me – they rarely look great on anyone to be honest unless you are 6 foot and super skinny like a model – they don’t exactly leave much to the imagination. However, as the bottoms are flared it balances out the proportions of my hips and therefore don’t look as bad (in my opinion anyway!). I’m on a mission to get an oversized plain black sweatshirt to wear with these but the pink fluffy top I’ve styled it with for now looks okay – might be a little bit too scary spice to walk out of the house with though. If you have any other suggestions on what to style these with then please let me know! These were also a steal at £28!

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So that rounds up my latest vintage finds, I hope I possibly inspired a few of you to get vintage hunting!
I’m now off to go find that black jumper I was telling you about…

Lots of love! Xx

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