My Favourite 5

Hey gals,

It’s pay day next week hurrah! You probably, like me, have a long list in your head of all the things you want to buy when that glorious day finally arises (sometimes it feels way too long right!).
Anyway, some of those things on your list, like me, might be top-ups of your favourite beauty products or it might be something new that you want to try or treat yourself too – or both!
With that in mind, I thought I’d right a post about my top 5 favourite beauty products for the past month.

So let’s begin!

My Top Favourites

1. Bondi Sands self tanning foam in light/medium
Now I am a natural blue eyes and fair skin kinda gal, but I can’t deny I just feel great sometimes with a little bit of fake tan during the warm weather months.
This fake tan just works for me, I would put it on just before bed using the Bondi Sands fake tanning mitt, then sleep in it overnight (it does not go all over my sheets, my boyfriend would not be happy if it did!) then wash it off in the shower in the morning. What you are left with is a streak free natural looking tan that isn’t too dark or too orange. It usually lasts for up to 4 days which is great and leaves your skin feeling fresh, not dry and smelling of coconuts – dreamy!
The self tanning foam also comes in darker shades depending on your skin type.
It usually costs around £15.99 and it’s available in Superdrug, Boots, ASOS and Bondi Sands own website.

Bondi Sands Fake Tan

2. Clinque ‘Beyond Perfecting’ Foundation
I absolutely love this foundation, it’s very kind to my sensitive skin and acts as a concealer as well. It comes in a handy handbag friendly bottle and has an easy applicator attached to the lid. Once applied, it will leave your skin feeling moisturised with a natural look that lasts all day. It feels very lightweight on the skin (I hate a thick heavy foundation on my skin) and stays in colour even when humidity and or sweat occurs. It’s £28 a bottle which is one of the most expensive beauty products I buy but I feel it is totally worth it – a good foundation is a good foundation for healthy skin!

Clinique ‘Beyond Perfecting’ Foundation

3. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
I was actually recommended this product by my mum a few months back. I suffer with spot prone skin every now and then and was getting frustrated in not finding a product that worked for my skin and didn’t irritate it further.
This cleanser comes out as a cream; gently massage onto dry skin one or two pumps to the face and neck and work in circular motions in order to rub it in. Then get a clean face cloth with hot water and gently polish off the cream. To finish, splash your face with cool water. You would then repeat this routine daily; morning and night, to achieve smooth clear skin. It comes in a 100ml bottle at £14.50 as well as a 200ml bottle at £26, you can buy it some Boots stores, John Lewis, and Liz Earle online website, oh and it smells amazing!

Liz Earle Cleanser

4. YSL matte satin lipstick
I was lucky enough to be given this lipstick for Christmas from a relative and I’ve loved it ever since. I am currently wearing 17 Unconventional Orange, as pictured below, and it’s just amazing, I pretty much wear it every day.DB48A407-9DB4-431C-B4B8-35D8E9FB2C3F It comes out as a liquid on a cleverly shaped applicator making it easy to apply. Once it dries (takes less than a minute) it then leaves the lips with a full intense colour but without the dryness. It lasts pretty much all day as a 9-5:30pm job without needing to re-apply. It’s probably one of the most expensive make up products that I buy (at £29) but I feel it is totally worth it, I’m always wearing bright lipstick in various shades. Speaking of shades, YSL sells these in 18 different shades so there’s a colour perfect for everyone.


YSL Matte Satin Lipstick

5. Rituals White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren Bath Foam
I absolutely love Rituals products, I’ve been using their shower foam for a long time and just love it. But more recently I randomly found myself in their Covent Garden store and ending up buying their bath foam as well in their White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren collection. It  comes in beautiful packaging in a 500ml bottle with details of the story behind the collection, at the price of £13.50. I am a big bath fan after a long day and this bath foam just makes bath time that much better. The smell of White Lotus is amazing and very relaxing, mixed with the Yi Yi Ren that is traditionally used in Chinese medicine, it leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft. Visit Rituals website for more information on their amazing story and collections.

Rituals ‘Go with the Flow’ Bath Foam

So that rounds up my top 5! I hope you have enjoyed my reviews on these products and let me know if you have also used these before and how you would rate (or slate) them.
Also get in touch on what your top 5 favourites are, after all sharing is caring.

Lots of love xx


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