She Shall Go to The Ball!

Hey gals!

Happy Sunday! I am writing this post in my OnePiece on the sofa feeling rather hungover. The reason being, I went to a charity ball last night with my boyfriend and friends. It was in aid of a few local charities supporting people affected by Cancer and Alzheimer’s. It was a fantastic night with over £15,000 raised through tickets, drinks and an auction.
So I thought I’d tell you all about it! Personally I love finding out how everyone is spending their Saturday night, doing what and wearing what, it’s good inspo.

So, first of all the best part of going out; the getting ready! I love spending a long time doing my make up, hair and putting my outfit together.
I’ll usually start with fake tanning (either the night before or in the morning). I use Bondi Sands self tanning foam and a tanning mitt to rub the foam all over my body before washing off a few hours later. I then have a shower to wash the top layer of the fake tan off, I use my favourite shower foam from Rituals which just smells incredible (as mentioned in my last post, I’m obsessed with Rituals products!).
Once out of the shower, I’ll moisturise as I tend to get dry skin, I love using the classic Palmer’s Cocoa Butter which is also good for any stretch marks and eczema as well.
If I have washed my hair (I don’t wash my hair every day as I believe it is bad for it), then I’ll use a hair dryer on low heat and leaving it to then fully dry naturally while doing my makeup.
Moving onto makeup, it usually takes me up to 30 minutes and I’ll start by lightly moisturising my face before applying Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator, it’s a great base for make up and gives my skin just a little bit of a tanned glow. I’ll then use a touch of foundation, I use Clinique (see my previous post for more details).
For my eyes, I put some glittery gold eyeshadow on (Topshop Chameleon Highlighter in Mother of Pearl) and BADgal mascara from Benefit on my eyelashes and lightly on my under eye lashes. I then use a little eyeliner around the edges of my eyes and lightly underneath (I use Charlotte Tilbury here).
Then for cheeks and lips, I use Bare Minerals loose bronzer powder and again the Chameleon Highlighter across my cheeks. Finally, to finish off I will always be wearing a bright lipstick (again see my previous post on my favourite lipstick at the moment). For last night I decided to wear Nars Matte Lip Pencil in a deep red colour, Nars lipsticks are amazing and stay on all night long without making my lips dry.
Then onto my hair, I decided to put my hair up last night as my dress had an open back, I always use the classic L’Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray, I back combed my hair slightly first with a comb and hairspray before loosely tying it up in a pony tail. I will then ruffle my hair a bit to make it into a messy ponytail and use some hair grips for the little wisps of hair at the back. I will then finish by using more hairspray to keep it all in place. Once hair and make up is all done I’ll then put a touch of perfume on, my favourite at the moment is from Penhaligons and is called Empressa, it smells light of florals and fruits with head notes of blood orange, bergamot and mandarin.

My 3 Favourite ‘Getting Ready’ Products

Then it’s onto the outfit! I’m always about ‘The Dress’ as the main focus of my outfit and will pair with simple acccessories and shoes – shoes for me are all about comfort as I want to be dancing all night long!
Last night I wore a beautiful design by Rixo London a vintage inspired London womenswear designer label. It is in this gorgeous midnight moon and stars print on a luxurious silk fabric. It then has a low cut neckline (I did have to use a bit of ‘boob tape’ to keep in place) and a long flowing bottom half with a slit up the middle; very handy for dancing. I then paired with simple black shootie’s with a small block heel, simple gold delicate jewellery and a gold clutch bag.
It felt amazing to be in this dress last night and I must say I did get a few compliments which is always nice!


So onto the night itself! We started with drinks at our friends house, a lot of G&T’s, red wine and pleasant laughing conversations were had before moving onto the venue at around 7pm.

Our ride to the venue was in an amazing classic Rolls Royce with cream leather inside and a plush carpet. The venue was set in the grounds of this Victorian Manor House, with a large marquee decorated with blue fairy lights, blue and purple lighting around the edges and Chinese lantern like lights hanging down from the ceiling. There were 30 tables for a 3 course dinner, two large bars, a big dance floor & DJ and the best part, drum roll please….. DODGEMS!!!
The night started with champagne reception and canapés (I must admit we were already quite tipsy before we arrived, whoops!) before moving onto the dinner. The first course was smoked salmon with horseradish mouse, then onto roasted duck breast with potatoes, carrots and green beans, with the finale being a chocolate tart and mini Creme Brûlée. After all that food and more alcohol to go with it, you could imagine we were stuffed. We didn’t stay seated for long though, as soon as the dinner and auction were finished we were all straight on the dodgems! If you haven’t already guessed drunk dodgems are hilarious!
After a few rounds of dodgems it was onto the dance floor for the rest of the night (with only a few stops to get top ups of chosen poison). The DJ was classic playing a mixture of tunes suitable for a wedding party, you could guess a few that made an appearance; Mr Brightside by The Killers, Teenage Dirtbag by Wheetus and September by Earth Wind & Fire. The night ended around 2-3 am after a lot of dodgems, dancing and drinking, the final song being the Dirty Dancing classic of (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life and you can bet everybody was singing and dancing, some were even re-enacting the movie!



Overall it was an amazing night with a lot of laughter and fun memories made. My dress stayed in place all night with the help of a little boob tape and was very comfortable and easy to dance in.
So the only thing left to say really is ouch my head and i’m looking forward to getting my voice back! Drinking a lot of hot water with ginger and lemon today to recover.

Lots of love xxx

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