How to be a Grown Up

Hey girls,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend – especially if you’re reading this in the UK; what amazing weather we had for the bank holiday!
I wanted to do a little post today about the book I just finished reading called How to be a Grown Up by Daisy Buchanan (if you read my previous post ‘My Reading Pile’ then you would have already heard me mention it).
Daisy Buchanan is a 32 year old journalist who originally started out her career in fashion journalism of which she references a lot in her book.
The book is part auto-biography/part advice book and the author references a lot of personal experiences (both funny and deep) in each chapter. The book is all about how to survive your twenties – although I know some people in their 30’s and 40’s who should definitely give this a read! It has individual chapters about how to survive at work, how to fall in love, how to handle your money, how to get dressed etc etc, all written in a very relaxed and extremely hilarious manner.

I think in today’s world, there are so many things going on that sometimes we can’t seem to get above the water to breathe. The negativity, drama and terrible tragedies in the newspapers are enough to worry anybody but add on top of that the pressure from social media to be 110% beautiful, skinny and having fun, to fall in love and settle down, to have a successful career that pays the bills and to do your washing on time (so that you don’t have to wear a bikini underneath your clothes when you’ve run out of knickers) – all makes it seem impossible for us to feel like ‘successful adults’.
I decided to buy this book as I was feeling exactly like this, I got promoted end of last year but since starting my new role I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job anymore even though I was putting my heart and soul into it. Consequently it meant other parts of my life had taken a step back like generally eating well, sleeping well and doing my washing on time! I needed a motivation booster and upon seeing this book on the shelves I thought this would do the trick and oh boy was I right!
When I was reading the book, there were so many points that the author touched on that I thought ‘OMG that is me! I do that!’ And I wanted to message Daisy like I would a friend to tell her this. Some parts made me laugh so much that I actually laughed out loud in public on the tube (very embarrassing!).
I connected with the book on so many levels it was like reading my own words and it was such a relief to know that other people have the same worries, anxieties, panic attacks and little failures in life that I do. This book showed me that i’m not failing at being a grown up, that I am actually doing alright and has made daily life just that little bit brighter.

I have now passed this book onto my 19 year old little sister for her to hopefully enjoy and somewhat benefit from reading this as much as I did.

If you’re in need of a motivation booster or just a bit of a reality check of how you are doing well in life then I hope I have pointed you in the direction of this book – you won’t regret reading it!

Lots of love, xx


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