Own Your Own Style

Hi gals,

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to talk about personal style today and owning that style.
I believe that fashion; what’s on trend, what looks ‘cool’ and what looks to some people as crazy is all subjective.
I have always had my own sense of style and it can vary each day depending on my mood. Style to me is about expressing myself, some days I’m in a happy, confident mood and therefore want to express myself by wearing something bright and perhaps different. Other times, I wake up and I’m in a more subsuded mood, don’t want to stand out from the crowd and would prefer to blend in so I’d wear jeans and a jumper. It’s okay to be either or both like me, what matters is that it works for you and makes you happy.
An example of this is last year I was on the tube wearing a rucksack I own that is lilac and made of faux feathers (it’s super fun and really stands out) and this lady behind me turned to her companion very loudly so I could hear ‘omg look at that hideous rucksack!’. Quite a few people then turned round to look at me and I suddenly felt very small and wanted to get off the tube, run home and get changed. I thought to myself ‘that lady is right, I do look hideous, how could I be so stupid to leave the house wearing this!’. But actually, looking back, I wish I had turned around and said ‘thank you for your opinion, you obviously don’t like my rucksack which is totally fine, however I do and I will wear it with pride as it makes ME happy and that’s what matters’. Since then I have vowed to never give in to what society tells me to wear, to what celebrities are wearing or everybody else walking down the street, I will always vow to wear what I want to wear (usually bright colourful clothing and accessories) because it makes me happy.

With all that in mind, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite, bright, stand out from the crowd outfits from the past year…

So I hope this has given you some inspiration and somewhat confidence to go out there and wear your fluffy lilac rucksack equivelant with pride and joy!

Lots of love, xxx

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