Photo Realness

Hi girls,

I am writing this while on the train back to London after a weekend away in my local hometown of Norwich in Norfolk – beautiful place if you ever need inspiration for a British holiday!

Anyway, the last few weeks I’ve been scrolling through Instagram, probably too much as we all do, and I keep spotting an advert for an app where you can edit your photos and give yourself a toned tummy, among other fake body changes, as this video advert is promising.

I think it is ludicrous that we live in a world where we promote a fake body image constantly. Having a toned tummy is great but we should be encouraged to go out and work for it with healthy exercise rather than faking it and editing yourself digitally. We’re promoting laziness in young people when we should be promoting active lifestyles.

I also do not agree with the necessity to have pictures of yourself looking ripped in order to post them on Instagram and achieve a lot of likes. I am telling you that I definitely do not have a mega toned tummy and that is okay! I don’t particularly like my body in a bikini but that is my own lack of self confidence that I try work at and it keeps me motivated to go to the gym (most of the time anyway). Part of the reason I and most others are self conscious of the way we look in a bikini is because of all this photo editing; it makes us feel so abnormal when actually we’re the normal ones! It is a viscous circle; people are using these kinds of apps as they don’t feel confident posting natural pictures which then makes others self conscious and then they start using the apps too.

I know we all use Instagram filters and everyone has their favourite but I feel they are not as damaging, my favourite one is Skyline as it just slightly makes my skin a bit brighter. This seems fine to me as I am not changing the way I look, it’s almost like I am using a proper camera that would do that anyway rather than my rubbish phone camera.

So I want to promote natural body image more and stop all this obsessive and extreme photo editing! The part of your body that you might not like other people probably don’t even notice! That other person is looking at you and probably thinking wow she’s got such better hair than me as they don’t particularly like that part of themselves either. We are all battling with our own body confidence in our heads but remember, everyone is beautiful in their own special way inside and out.

So here is an image of me in a bikini looking REAL and NATURAL…

The disgusting advert for the photo editing app

Lots of love this Sunday evening ❤️ xxxxx

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