Podcast Love

Hi girls,

Has anyone else got into podcasts this year? I know they’ve been around for a while but this year for the first time I actually started listening to them.
I realised that podcasts are a lot calmer to listen to on my daily commute on the sweaty, crammed and loud northern line in London than listening to loud music in my ears.
I also listen to podcasts on my lunch break, with the weather being so lovely and warm this summer, I would take my lunch outside, sit in a park and listen to a podcast. It’s important to shut your mind off from work for a bit and think about something else. It’s the same if I am feeling stressed and therefore can’t sleep, I’ll listen to a podcast and completely be transported to another world where I don’t remember what I was stressing about.

I honestly encourage everyone to start listening to podcasts, whether it’s on your way into work or while you’re in the bath in the evenings, it’ll change your life, particularly if you are going through a lot of stress at the moment.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d take you through my favourite podcasts of the last month…

1. BBC Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy

Now BBC Radio 4 has typically only been associated with the over 50’s (apologies to any fans not over 50, you are unique) however their Friday night podcast (comes out every Friday as you can guess) is seriously funny. They round up all the news of the week and basically take the piss out of it in a clever, witty and dry British humour way. Whether that be of Theresa May dancing or random innuendos the general public have seen in their local newspapers and sent in. It will definitely make you giggle or at least smile if you don’t want to laugh out loud on public transport (there’s always the fear of becoming a meme). It’s easy to listen to as well and you don’t have to know all the ins and outs in politics (who does), Brexit (again, who does) or watch the news every day to understand.

2. The High Low

Now this is a new podcast I’ve recently discovered hosted by British journalists Dolly Alderton (big fan) and Pandora Sykes. Again they talk about weekly news, current affairs and pop culture but on a more loving and slightly feminist scale. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly funny but it’s very interesting and warm, like chatting on the sofa at home with a cup of tea (or wine, yes definitely wine) with your best girlfriends. It usually comes out every week but there are breaks in the series on occasion. It launched last year so there are also lots of past episodes to listen to as well.

3. Private Parts

Now this podcast you have to take with a pinch of salt as could be classed as cringe or hilariously comical depending on your view. This is a podcast hosted by Jamie Lang and Francis Boulle from Made in Chelsea. Every week they have on a different guest (mostly friends of theirs and the Made in Chelsea cast) and they talk about anything and everything, sometimes serious and sometimes just laughing and joking around. It’s light humour and an easy listen for anyone just needing something uplifting and cheeky chat. That would be the best way to describe it actually; a cheeky chat.

4. Unsolved Murders

On a more serious note, this American podcast discusses real unsolved murders that happened in the US, Australia and Britain in the 20th century. This one will have you hooked and you won’t be able to stop thinking about anything else. It’s great if you’ve got an hour or two spare; on a long distance train, plane or even lying on a sun lounger on holiday. It is hosted by Carter Roy and Wendy Mackenzie; two Americans who narrate while an ensemble cast play out the storyline; it’s all very dramatic. The hosts, Wendy and Carter, take you through the crime scene, investigation and attempt to solve the case. Every storyline is split into two episodes and comes out every Tuesday without fail – there’s over 100 episodes to sink your teeth into! Enjoy!

To start listening, find the app ‘Podcasts’ on your smart phone (it’ll be there somewhere) and start subscribing. There are hundreds to choose from and are organised by genre (my favourite kind of organisation) to easily figure out which ones you’ll like, you can thank me later!

Lots of love xxx

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  1. natashaketel

    I absolutely love The High Low – it is just brilliant! Have you listened to Love Stories with Dolly Alderton? It is just as good, if not better.


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