New Season, New Clothes? Think Again!

Hey girls,

Happy Sunday! I am so hungover; I sort of went out Thursday night, Friday night and last night (whoops!) – to celebrate Halloween of course. If you went out last night as well then I hope you had fun and have got a successful lost voice from too much singing and dancing (I definitely have).
Anyway, we’ve seen a shift in the weather this week (it was so cold yesterday!) and with that comes a different way of dressing which can be hard to figure out at first. We get so used to wearing summer dresses, bare legs, jeans and a t-shirt etc. But now we’ve got to think about tights, socks under tights, boots not trainers (but trainers are more comfy!), t-shirt then jumper then coat over the top and even possibly a hat or scarf or both – it can become difficult to figure out what to wear in the morning in this transition period.

Then once you’ve had a few running late for work mornings because you couldn’t find something to wear you think ‘right I need to go shopping’ and end up spending money in Zara when you probably don’t need that dress or blouse.
I know a new season is exciting as there are new trends in the shops and you have the option to update your style which is fine but quite often we end up buying the same sort of clothing we already have in our wardrobe.

Instead, I occasionally spend a Saturday or Sunday playing around in my wardrobe. I take out anything I’ve not worn in ages and try to style it in a different way. For example, I got given a party skirt for Christmas and wore it that day but then didn’t know how to style it for everyday since then so it’s sat there for 10 months. Until I played around in my wardrobe and discovered that if I put it with a casual jumper and trainers it’s a new everyday look. It might be that you bought something ages ago but haven’t worn it as you couldn’t find the thing to wear it with. But then you went shopping months later and bought that perfect pairing item but you’ve forgotten you bought the first item sitting in the back of your wardrobe. So play around with your clothes and don’t be afraid to break the rules either; Pink with red? Yes! Wear one colour head to toe? Yes! Denim on denim on denim? Yes!

Any clothing that I’m still not feeling the love for even after I’ve styled it differently, I then send to charity or (if it’s a desired brand label) I’ll sell it online. I have a lot of charity shops on my road and I am glad I can donate and make my contribution to their great causes. If you are thinking of sending clothes to charity though please be mindful of what you are sending. I did some volunteering a few weeks back at a soup kitchen that gets a lot of clothing donations. They explained that a lot of people think it can be a dumping ground of getting rid of crap they don’t want however these people have to sift through your crap to find clothing actually usable and or sellable (if in a charity shop). If something is broken, got holes in it and just generally not wearable then recycle it!

So if you’re feeling like you don’t like anything in your wardrobe, you’re thinking ‘I NEED to go shopping for more clothes’ even though you probably have a big wardrobe already, then spend a couple of hours going through your wardrobe – put some music on, do a little dance and have fun! I promise you’ll fall back in love with some of the clothes you’ve forgotten you own and to help inspire you here are some of my favourite Autumn outfits from the past month or so…

It was so cold yesterday that I got to bring out my favourite faux-fur coat!
GIRL GANG! I am front left wearing my green velvet trousers and a simple pink t-shirt from Topshop
This is my ‘Christmas skirt’ that I restyled with a simple green jumper and trainers – voila! A whole new look!
I usually wear these red trousers in the summer as they are cropped but with a polo neck it works!

Faux-fur can really jazz an outfit up and it keeps you warm also!

Don’t be afraid to break the rules, denim on denim yes please!

Lots of love! Xxxx

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