Feeling Good

Hi girls,

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to write a little post today about feeling good.
The last couple of months have been a bit up and down for me, I wrote a post back in September about how I’ve been feeling a bit miserable and how it’s important to acknowledge that and not give yourself a hard time which is what I have been trying to do. I had been suffering with my skin, with spots on my chin, around my mouth and cheeks, making my face inflamed and swollen which definitely contributed to my feeling down. I would wake up every morning and the first thing I’d see is my face in the mirror, not a good start to the day and no matter how much foundation I put on, it just wouldn’t hide it.

I never had spots as a kid and have always been lucky with having good skin. However the last few months I was just getting so confused and frustrated, I couldn’t figure out why my skin was suddenly this bad! I thought it was the hot weather in the Summer but the weather changed, it turned freezing outside and my skin remained the same. I tried many different products thinking it was something I was putting on my skin. I tried changing my diet thinking it was something I was eating. I tried ferociously washing and sanitising my hands thinking it was the germs of living in London. No matter what I tried to change, every morning it was still the same.
Then one day about a month ago I was talking to a friend about my skin problems and we were trying to figure out what it could be. Then my friend asked what contraception I am on and we realised that all this time it’s been hormonal. It suddenly all made sense the way I had been feeling, why I was more emotional than normal, why my mood could change with a snap of the fingers and why my skin had been so bad.

I have the implant which I got done this time 3 years ago. I made the decision to get the implant because I didn’t like the idea of taking the pill every day, I would totally forget and I wanted something that was guaranteed, lasted a long time and I didn’t have to think about it. This was the same as my friend who has always used the implant and has always rated it good. So my friend told me, and my doctor confirmed this too, that when the implant is near the end of its ‘cycle’ it releases less hormones than it has for the last couple of years and the body is just not used to that sudden change and imbalance, and therefore reacts to it. This can be different for everybody so please don’t be put off in using it or scared if you’ve recently had it done. If you have any concerns, always just speak to the doctor.

Anyway, I figured out what was making me feel like this and what was causing my skin to be so bad. Knowing what was the cause or the big contributing factor did help but it couldn’t change the way I naturally felt. Then this month my mood changed for the better, my skin has started to calm down, I started to have more energy, I went back to the gym and just felt good! I had struggled to exercise for the last month, mainly because I felt so tired and miserable and nobody is motivated to work out when they feel like that!

So if you’re feeling down at the moment, it may just be the change in weather, it may be caused by hormones like me, or you may have something else going on in your life. Whatever it is that is making you feel down, just remember that you will feel good again. I know at the time it feels like you’re perhaps always going to feel like this but I promise you you won’t. It’s natural to have ups and downs so try not to give yourself a hard time, remember to look after you.

Remind yourself whenever you’re down that you’re due an up very soon!

Or as we learned on I’m a Celebrity this week, use John Barrowman’s tactic; when you’re feeling down have a sandwich.

Lots of love to you all xxxx

A make up free selfie this morning, still got some redness from previous spots but it’s looking a lot better! Yay!

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