Help! Christmas Inspo Needed

Hi girls,

So it’s the season and we’re all stressing about what to get all our loved ones for Crimbo. Some people like to buy presents throughout the year (the sensible option probably) and some like to mad rush buy their presents in December (I’m the latter and my bank account hates me for it).
I do think about what I’m going to get people for the majority of November but I don’t actually get round to buying the presents until December. The thing is, buying presents to me is really great fun but I can only do it once I’ve got in the Christmas mood and that doesn’t happen until December, with me?

Anyway, I’ve actually been pretty good this year and I’ve got the majority of my presents done apart from my 10 year old brother and my boyfriend. Usually they’re the first ones I do but my brother is now at the age where some toys/gifts can be babyish and I really don’t want to be that un-cool older sister that I’m sure my brother will label me as. Then in terms of my boyfriend, I have asked him time and time and time again what he wants for Christmas and he just says nothing! (I’m tempted to just get him nothing but I’m not sure I can actually do it, plus buying him presents is the best part!).

So yesterday I was on a mission. I trawled around Oxford St and Regent St all day to find some inspiration on what to get the boys. I was absolutely exhausted by the end and hadn’t achieved that much annoyingly. I did find some success in John Lewis for the boyfriend (their gift department is a solid win) and decided to go home and buy the present online instead of carrying it on the dreaded Christmas train back.

Oh the Christmas train back home; every year for the last 5 years I’ve been sat on the floor in front of the toilets for at least 2 hours if not more surrounded by all my Christmas presents for the family and my suitcase. It is always a FANTASTIC start to my Christmas break and I look forward to it every year…NOT! I know it’s not just the Greater Anglia train to Norfolk that is like this, most of my friends have this problem too so I’m genuinely sorry if you’re in the same boat (or train! Good dad joke right there!).

Anyway, moving on, so last night I did a bit more online shopping on unique and independent websites to find some more gift inspiration and it was a great success! I found two presents for my brother and another present for the boyfriend! My brother won’t read this so I can tell you that one of them is this hilarious card game called ‘Farts! The Explosive Card Game For All The Family’. That is my brother’s sense of humour in one (actually scrap that, my WHOLE FAMILY’s sense of humour!). He’s going to love playing it with all the family, especially my Grandad (who is also going to love it).

So if you’re struggling for Christmas present ideas for your brother, sister, parents, weird uncle, brother in law and more then take a look at my recommended weird and wonderful websites below to help get you inspired because let’s face it, the majority of the high-street is sh*t and it’s just too busy to even think about going out into the crowds. Also this way means you don’t have to lug your presents back on the train; they’re all waiting for you at your home or your parents home or wherever you’re spending Christmas!

1). Firebox

This website is absolutely hilarious for the weird stuff they come up with. It’s good for girls and boys from kids to adults (there’s some rude presents on there too). My mum has been using this website for years for presents for me and my sister. Last year I got Unicorn Tears Gin – best present ever!

2). Wicked Uncle

This website is especially good for children but also what a brilliant idea for a name! They categorise everything by age and gender to make it even easier to find that ‘cool’ and ‘OMG totally awesome’ gift for kids. Below pictured is the fart game I got my brother!

3). Wolf & Badger

If you’re needing inspiration for a parent, boyfriend, girlfriend and don’t mind spending around £70 and over then check out Wolf & Badger. I talk about this company a lot for the unique products from cutting edge independent designers.
Or if you’re needing to get inspired for what YOU want for Christmas then definitely check it out but be prepared as all the products are beautiful and you may find yourself wanting everything. I’m lusting over these metallic silver boots below!

4). Trouva

Then for an all rounder of homeware, menswear, women’s and children’s check out Trouva – an online shop that pulls together all the best from our independent boutiques. How cute are these pink and blue leopard print PJ’s!

Lots of love and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ps, how funny is the front image of this post! So attractive! I didn’t have a relevant image so I thought I’d just take a beautiful selfie?


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