Today I am Grateful For…

Happy Saturday girls!

Hope you are well and have had a good week. My week has been jam packed; I’ve been travelling for work, I went to a party hosted by the charity I volunteer at and my weekend is no different. I’ve got a baby shower today for two of my closest friends (I’ve made ‘unicorn cupcakes’ but I can’t show you yet as my friends might see) and then tomorrow I’m in Leicester for my niece’s 2nd birthday party!

Anyway, apart from my week being super busy, I’ve been feeling a bit down and irritable (thank you hormones!). I’ve been emotional and more tired than usual so haven’t gone to the gym – you know the drill. I really hate feeling like this as we all do I’m sure. I’ve been trying to just accept the fact that I’m not as happy this week and next week I’ll feel totally different. But it’s hard in the moment with the dark cloud over your head. My mind starts over thinking every detail and I think negative thoughts about everything in my life; ‘my life is crap’, ‘I don’t like my job’, ‘my boyfriend is annoying me, maybe we are not okay’ and so on. All these rubbish thoughts won’t mean anything next week and I’ll have a completely different opinion on them all but it doesn’t stop me thinking them.

So this week, I decided to start writing down 3 things I am grateful for at the end of each day to remind myself how great my life actually is! Forcing myself to think of positives and write them down makes me feel a little brighter and lighter. I am going to try and write 3 things down every day for the next year which I can then keep and look back at in years to come when I’m maybe feeling down again. It’s like writing a diary which I always want to do but can’t quite commit to and give up after a month or two, so this is a less time consuming alternative. Also, it’s a good excuse to use my beautiful notebook that I got for Christmas!

So today the 3 things I am grateful for are…

1). My friends who I love, treasure and who always make me laugh. I can’t wait to see them later for lots of fun and celebrating.

2). My boyfriend’s family who are lovely, kind and always welcoming when I come and stay with them for the weekend. I’m getting the train up this evening and I’m looking forward to seeing them all.

3). My brother who turns 10 years old today! I remember when my parents told me and my younger sister they were having another baby, I was around 16 at the time and was so angry at the news haha!. I was horrified at the thought of there being a baby around as everyone will think it’s mine! I had envisaged in my head the famous Eastenders scene back in 2001 when Zoe said ‘YOU AIN’T MY MOTHER!’.
Anyway, he was born 9th February 2009 and I couldn’t imagine life without him now obviously. He was the CUTEST little toddler that has morphed into this naughty confident 10 year old who plays Fortnite every day and teaches me (the un-cool sister) how to floss!

You can’t get cuter than this! Totally not biased…
He’s always been trying to dodge kisses from Jemima and I

So if you’re ever having a day, week, moment when you’re feeling down, grab a pen and paper or just list it in your head; 3 things you are grateful for and I bet you’ll feel a bit better afterwards!

Lots of love to everyone xxxxxx

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