Hey Girl, Here’s To Good News!

Hey girls,

So the news is a load of shit, right?
I have the news on in the background every morning during the week when I’m getting ready for work. I always think it’s important to know what’s going on around the world and in my country but as everyone can feel for the last few months or even the last year, the news is bloody depressing! Brexit, racism, terrorists, war, discrimination, administration are words used daily on the TV and it’s hard to not let it affect your daily happiness.

But we forget that WE are in control of our happiness. If we’re feeling down about the news, WE have the power to change that, whether that’s by turning off the TV when you’re already having a bad day or looking out for the goods news in your life. So that’s why I’ve been paying attention to GOOD news, positive news and the news that makes me smile. So here are some of MY recent GOOD news…

1). One of my closest friends gave birth this week! Congratulations Sam & Rich on their beautiful baby girl Darcey, and I am so happy that you’re all doing extremely well.

2). Ru Paul is back! I am a HUGE fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and series 11 started on Netflix about 2 weeks ago with an episode every week – life is good again! If you don’t know much about Ru Paul’s Drag Race, then it’s a sassy, glitter filled competition where Drag Queens from around America compete with challenges and catwalks. The skills of the contestants across sewing, dancing, singing, acting is so incredible – they are all fierce! But also the show is a pioneer for speaking up openly about homophobic issues in America that resonates in the UK as well. Some of the horror stories you hear of people being attacked because they are gay is disgusting but what is so inspiring is how these people fight back. They are a force to be reckoned with and one I fully support.

3). I’ve started a new book called Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng that I am totally engrossed in and can’t stop thinking about, dreaming about and reading. It is such a simple thing to be reading an amazing book but for me makes me feel so happy. Reading is my relaxation and my meditation time.

4). You probably already know that there is a march going on today in London for people who are against Brexit. Now whether you are pro or against, it really is fantastic that we live in a country where people can express their opinions (in a respectable way I would hope) and that we have freedom of speech. I may complain about marches when I’m stuck in the middle of one and I’m just trying to cross the street to get to the gym but it’s important to remember that we are lucky to live in a country that allows people to express themselves.

5). I bought hot food for a homeless man sitting outside my local supermarket this week. He asked for something hot as it was cold, but not spicy, so I bought him a hot vegetable pasty. I am just so happy that I can do my bit to help where I can.

6). My local supermarket has made a stance and got rid of ALL plastic in their shop. There are signs everywhere that say ‘No Plastic In Here’ and information on harming the environment. This is a huge worrying issue around the world as everyone knows but it is amazing to see that it is being recognised and people are doing something in a big effective way, it will hopefully inspire more supermarkets to do the same.

A magazine that is also championing this positive news idea is ‘Positive News’ (does what it says on the tin). Through crowd funding, it launched a few years ago with journalists reporting on good news only. They have a website (below) and you can subscribe, either digitally or printed, for £30 a year. You can also sign up to their weekly emails that comes out on Saturdays with a round up of the good news of the week – YAASS!


This has been Hattie Waring; your good news reporter of the week, now back to the studio! 😉

Lots of love girls, xxxxxx


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