Love – End Of.

Hi girls,

Happy weekend! As you may have already seen from my Instagram stories, it is my boyfriend Sam’s birthday this weekend! We’re away in the countryside so I’m going to keep this week’s blog post short and sweet.

I want to talk a bit about love. That 4 letter word that has so much meaning. I feel so incredibly lucky to have Sam in my life, he is my world. Talented, hard working, funny, clever, kind, thoughtful and handsome (obvs) is my Sam, among many other great traits, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. I am also so very lucky and grateful to have my wonderful family (even though they do my head in sometimes haha) and my gorgeous friends as well who are always good fun and there for me as I am for them.

Here are some pictures of the people I love…

Dad, my sister Jemima, me and my Mum at Ascot
Amanda, Sam and Lara – My Besties
Sam and I 2 years ago
Dad and I
My London Buying Gals
Amazing photo of my beautiful Granny who is always full of laughs
Granny again, I’d have Grandad on here too but he doesn’t do photos haha
My gorgeous bestie Lara
My boys and I, my little brother Jack and Sam
My soul sister Grace
My gorgeous little sister Jemima
My incredible friend Hadden

Love comes in many different forms, whether it be romantically, family, friends, pets or even someone you have never met (thinking celebrity posters on your wall as a kid that you’d kiss at night 😉). In the last 50 years we have come to accept all forms of love a lot more than before however there is still a long way to go. There are still people in this country who don’t accept this and unfortunately I have seen this first hand; offensive words being shouted to some of my friends on a night out in London etc. It’s disgusting and those narrow minded people may not realise their words of abuse hurt to strangers they have never met before but they do, they really do.

As F.Scott Fitzgerald beautiful put ‘I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything’. I take that as ‘I love’ end of; no matter who you love and what the consequences are.

Another reason I am talking about love this week is because I recently finished the most amazing, beautiful and moving book and I recommend everyone read it.

The book is called Never Anyone But You by Robert Thomson. It is set in Paris around the beginning of the First World War and ends with the end of the Second World War. The main characters are two young French women who are family friends from a young age and fall in love. The book goes into detail of their struggle and how they had to keep their love a secret even though it was the most beautiful love I have ever read about ❤️. It’s a real eye opener about not just same sex love in the 20th century but also about the Second World War, it’s a true story as well. It will leave you gasping in shock and having to stare up from your book on public transport to fully take in what you have just read as it’s so moving.

So enjoy, appreciate and take pride in the love you have in life no matter what form it comes in and any future love you may find along your way.

Lots of extra love to you all xxxx

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