My Latest Beauty Loves

Hi girls,

Happy Easter! How amazing is this weather?!

I’m just outside sunbathing at home and reading vogue having just put my moisturiser etc on, which got me thinking about my favourite beauty products at the moment. I’m not a beauty expert but I do like to share what products I have been using and loving lately with my girlfriends. Some of the products I swear by have been recommended to me by friends. For example, The Liz Earle Cleansing Polish that not only my mum but many of my closest friends have told me to use to help with spot prone skin.

Everyone has different skin types, I have sensitive skin that can be prone to spots sometimes so I have to be really careful about the products I use. My skin has been a lot better the last few months which is definitely contributed to the fact that I am taking extra care to look after my skin and be mindful of the products I am using.

One way to find products that work for you is through Birchbox. I’ve had it for over a year now and absolutely love it, definitely worth the £10 a month. You sign up through downloading the app and then answer questions about your appearance and any skin concerns etc. Then they tailor your monthly box subscription to you. You often get little testers (big enough to use though) so you can trial different products without forking out on expensive full size versions. Through testing products with Birchbox, I’ve learnt that products that contain Vitamin C are not good for my skin that is already sensitive to the sun. It’s like going outside in 30 degree heat without putting sun cream on! The Vitamin C breaks me out and my skin gets all red and blotchy (like being sunburnt or heat rash).
Once you have tried products for a few weeks you can rate them on the Birchbox app. Every product you review gets added to your personal account which then contributes to what products you receive the month after. For example, if you know one brand of products really is not working for you then you can select ‘don’t send me products from this brand in future’.

So onto my favourites at the moment…

1). BalanceMe Eye Cream £20
This came in my Birchbox a month ago and already I swear by it. The skin around my eyes can get really dry and sometimes sore so this works wonders for me. Especially now with so much pollen in the air; my hay-fever is a nightmare! Just this morning I woke up with such puffy swollen red raw eyes having rubbed them vigorously in my sleep. This eye cream has soothed them massively and I now look a bit more recognisable.

2). Simple Protecting Moisture Cream with SPF 30 – £7.99!
There is definitely a bit of a myth with certain products about the more expensive the better. Sometimes you just need something that does what it says on the tin. This product is exactly that, it protects my skin against the sun, there’s no chemicals, it just gently moisturises. I have struggled with moisturisers in the past, using products that in the end aggravated my skin more than it calmed it. This is the best moisturiser I have found and will stick around on my dressing table for a long time to come.

3). AESOP body balm – £25
This smells INCREDIBLE of orange rind, pink grapefruit and lemon rind. I use this on my body (not my face) after a bath/shower. This 50ml bottle is also really handy to have in my make up bag as I also get really dried skin on my hands.

4). YSL liquid satin lipstick – £29
Onto beauty, I’ve talked about this lipstick range from YSL a lot on previous posts and also on my Instagram. I wear this on a regular basis and always get lots of questions and compliments about it. It’s the vibrant shimmery holographic colour that stands out. It’s long lasting too and doesn’t rub off easily.

5). Estate Dew Me After Glow Highlighter – £10
This is a very new product and brand for me, it was in my last Birchbox. Already I absolutely love it; using it on a daily basis. It’s a lilac shimmery highlighter that I put on my cheekbones, it’s quite subtle but noticeable, again one I receive compliments on. The colour is just fabulous, always been a lover of lilac.

6). Lime Crime Diamond Dew liquid eyeshadow in Lilac – £18
This is an American brand that had a pop up shop in Topshop Oxford Circus a while ago. Again a beautiful lilac colour shimmer liquid stain eyeshadow. The colour changes in different lights.

7). Chela Eyebrow Defining Gel – £15.50
Another discovery from Birchbox a couple of months ago. It’s a clear gel that you very simply brush on and it subtly defines and shapes your brows. I swear by this product daily.

8). Last one! A classic, YSL Touché Eclat Concealer – £25
This one is famous favourite among many people including British model Emma Louise Connolly (follow her on Instagram, she’s stunning, hilarious and really down to earth). This beautiful magic wand is a staple in my make up bag for those little touch ups that are needed sometimes. It’s got great coverage while still maintaining that ‘natural look’. A must have really, end of.

So whether you’re a beauty expert or a novice, I’d love to hear from you about your favourite products and which, if any, of my current favourites do you also love.

Have a fabulous beautiful weekend in the sun girls and remember to look after your skin!
Lots of love xxxx

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