Mindset Into May

Hi girls,

Can you believe it’s almost May? I am so excited for the Summer. I’ve already got quite a few events lined up – I like to plan things so I’ve always got something to look forward to.
In May apart from the two bank holidays, I’ve got a ball at the local cricket club back home with my family on one of the bank holidays and then I’ve got my cousins 21st party with a marquee and lots of food/drink. Then in June, Saturday 1st I’ve got tickets for my boyfriend and I (as part of his birthday present) to go to All Points East festival in Victoria Park, London, with Mumford & Sons headlining, so excited for that! Then the weekend after, the 8th, I’m going to Mighty Hoopla festival in Brockwell Park, Brixton, where Chaka Khan is headlining, it’s a big party full of lots of glitter – I still need to organise my outfit! Then towards the end of June I always have Royal Ascot which is a family tradition event and also my birthday on the 25th!

Anyway, with all those exciting things happening, I’ve decided to really focus on having a rather quite one in May (apart from the ball and my cousins 21st).
Looking back at April, I spent a lot of money on going out, drinking a lot and not generally being healthy. I realised last weekend that the lifestyle I was living was rather getting me down; I was biting my nails, I felt fat and self conscious and constantly worrying about how much money I’m spending every time I buy even a pint of milk (ridiculous I know, classic me overthinking everything).
I’m usually quite good at handling my money but this month I found I had basically spent all my disposable income on clothing (only really bought a pair of Levi’s though)/going out/drinking etc and have had to almost live off my credit card for the last 2 weeks which I try to avoid as much as possible.
It’s difficult though when you’re invited to birthday drinks almost every weekend – you don’t want to miss out and want to be there for your friends.
I need to be more savvy about spending money on drinks and going out. For example, going out for a few drinks on happy hour but calling it a night at a semi reasonable hour. I obviously still want to have a social life and see my friends for drinks as it’s important to be there for them and have them in my life but perhaps not make every catch up with friends a £13-a-cocktail-out-till-3-am kind of catch up.

So my new ‘May mindset’ after coming back from the bank holiday is to first of all exercise more. So far this week I’ve worked out on 4 separate days and I feel amazing. It’s so difficult to find the motivation to get up in the mornings before work and go to a class/gym/run etc. But once you’ve found the motivation (i.e me being happier and less anxious) then stick with it and remind yourself of it before you go to bed. Trick your brain into getting excited about getting up early the next day – tell yourself how GREAT you’re going to feel afterwards and that it’ll be worth it to feel that extra happiness. Sometimes exercising is not about losing weight specifically but about feeling more fulfilled in life, happier and less anxious.
Then secondly, I am going to focus enjoying spending time at home, cooking, not spending money on alcohol every weekend, going for walks or bike rides in the park, going to more art exhibitions and also growing my garden (I’m a granny before my time!). I love plants (I have so many at home, they’re like my children – for now!) and I have a balcony which is so nice in the Summer to sit outside and read a book or watch films so I want to grow some more plants/herbs outside.

All of this corresponds with the fact I’m turning 25 this year. I do feel a bit of pressure of needing to save money, to be sensible, be ‘an adult’ and to look after myself with eating healthily, exercising and moisturising my skin etc.
Especially when it comes to money. At the weekend, in my parents car, we drove past the little 2 bed terrace house that my parents bought when my mum was around 25 and my dad was 29. The next year they had me (their first child) and bought me home from hospital to that house of theirs.
I cannot even imagine being anywhere close to buying a house or affording a baby. I know times have changed since 25 years ago and that it’s particularly different when living in a huge city like London. But it is nerve racking to not know how your future is going to pan out when you’re so far away from achieving those life long goals of buying a house and starting a family (I’m not ready to have a family now but what about when I do want to start a family?).
I’ve always been the kind of person that likes to plan my future and know where I’m headed. I get that from my parents who have always sat down every few years and written down where they see themselves in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. Then years later they look back and look at what they’ve accomplished or sometimes not quite accomplished yet.

But after having a chat with my dad, he made me realise how many years I have to figure this out and how there are so many opportunities to come that I don’t even know about yet and that things will happen as long as I’m focused, ambitious and driven – which I usually am in life.

We’ll see how my mindset into May lasts, I can’t deny I love a night out dancing on tables drinking lots of cocktails, but I’m going to try my hardest to not do that as much and enjoy exercising and being healthier which so far this week I have throughly enjoyed, appreciated and benefitted from.

With my ‘May mindset’ in mind, I’m off to go play in a charity netball match! I’m excited even though I’m looking out my window and it’s pretty grey, rainy and windy…hmm….wish me luck!

Lots of love to you all xxxx

Ps, see below pictures of my ‘May mindset’ so far…

Spending the evening planting seeds on my balcony
Such an amazing light and beautiful flowers on my evening run this week
You know I can’t resist a bit of lilac! Again stopped to take a quick pic on a run
I always run to the top of Primrose Hill and back as the view is so worth running up the hill

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