My Love of Headbands

Hi girls,

Happy bank holiday weekend!

So today I wanted to talk about headbands, as you probably know, I’m a huge headband wearer, I wear them every single day, every season and to every occasion (just thought, I’m like the jewellery seller off the TV from Bridget Jones!). I wear them to work, to parties, around the house, the only place I don’t wear a headband is to sleep! Not yet anyway…

Below is my headband collection like a beautiful rainbow…

So I thought I’d show you my favourite headbands from my collection, how I wear them and where to go to find the best ones out there if you’re new to the trend and want to get involved with my video below…

Below are some of my outfits featuring these shown headbands…

So now you’ve perhaps been inspired to get into the headband girl group of which Blair Waldorf is a member ;), I’ve highlighted below my favourite ones in the shops right now…

1. Anthropologie Tie Dye headband
Tie dye is a HUGE trend at the moment and this beautiful pastel coloured headband will look amazing with a dress at a summer party of some kind.

2. Anthropologie beaded leopard headband
Another Anthro favourite of mine at the moment, I love the lilac colour clash with the yellow! This also comes in bright orange with turquoise beads – another fabulous colour combo!

3. Topshop metallic headband
Love the nod to the 80’s with this one, this headband is perfect for any upcoming festivals!

4. ASOS Marketplace embellished Alice band
This gorgeous handmade Alice band with embellishment is from independent brand Cecescrowns who specialise in unique embellished headbands for weddings as well as everyday.

Happy shopping girls!

Lots of love xxx

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