Sardinia Sunshine

Hi girls,

Happy weekend!
So you probably have seen from my Instagram ( that I have been in Sardinia all this week. I flew out last Saturday with my mum, sister and little brother to stay with some family friends of ours who have a villa & a yacht out in Sardinia during the summer months.
I had never been to Sardinia before, as a child we usually ‘holidayed’ in The South of France or Majorca. The South of France always having a special place in my heart with lovely memories of being there with my grandparents (my best friends) as a child. There’s just nothing better than The Cote D’Azur. On the plane on the way out to Sardinia my brother randomly asked me ‘Hattie where would you go on your honeymoon?’ My response to anyone who have asked that question in the past; The South of France of course! But we’ll see…

For the record, no plans to get married and go on a honeymoon any time soon!

We flew into Olbia which is the northern part of the island and famous for being the rather pricey side. I have heard it is the most beautiful but of course that comes with a price. But I have also heard that the southern part of the island is beautiful too and A LOT cheaper so just do a bit of research before booking your holiday.

The first day we went to Conca Verde which is about an hour from the airport. We spent the day on this little quiet beach and discovered this amazing hotel just up the hill (Sardinia is very hilly even on the coast!). The hotel is called Hotel La Coluccia and looks amazing to stay in so check it out. We sat by the pool and had a coffee in the afternoon, such a great atmosphere and the toilets are incredible! Bit weird but seriously they are really cool, based underground in a natural dark cave with just a glittering chandelier providing some light.In the evening, we went to Baja Sardinia (that’s the name of the town) to a restaurant called Punta Baja which had incredible views out to sea and an amazing atmosphere with a DJ serving up some good tunes alongside the delicious food on the menu. Obviously couldn’t help ourselves in posing for photos, we’re on holiday after all!
After dinner we went to Phi Beach which, WOW, how to describe that. Have you ever been to Folie Douche in the French Alps? Well this is the sun & sea Sardinian version. I was in awe, what a place! It’s an outside nightclub by the sea located on the grounds of an old castle. Lights flashing everywhere reflecting off the castle walls. Expensive cars on turn tables, spinning round, showing off their shiny exterior. Two VIP areas either side of the main dance floor with beds on the floor that people dance on in their bare feet. Everyone moors up on their yachts in the evening and walk up the short hill to the castle to party until the early hours. It’s not actually that expensive to enter, it was 20 Euros with a token for a free drink. After that then it does become expensive with a G&T costing you around 15 Euros, ouch! Even if you can’t stay for long (or can’t afford to stay for long) I do recommend you go check it out one evening.

The following day we drove up to San Pantaleo which is a beautiful little local town in the hills (about 20 minutes from the sea). So many good restaurants on the square and some beautiful clothing and antique shops to explore if you want to do something different from lying on the beach all day every day. Fun fact, the shops are open until 11pm and are closed earlier in the afternoon to account for the famous Italian Siesta!

We also stopped off at the famous Porto Cervo which is just the most stunning port (sorry South of France!) with all the designer shops and glamorous bars and restaurants. I was walking around dreaming of living the life where I escape London in the Summer to live on my giant yacht based in the Mediterranean. Where my crew moor up my giant yacht to Porto Cervo for me to go shopping to pick up some essentials from Dior, Miu Miu and Chanel of course. Where, after shopping, I relax on the sofa of one of the bars with a glass of champagne in hand. Oh a girl can dream! Not sure that life is all it looks to be from the outside though. I would just like to live it for a week though, that would be fun! 😉

My favourite day was our day out on the rib at sea, driving around the island, discovering little private beaches and stopping off at the island of La Maddalena to visit the old town. I will never forget how incredibly clear blue the sea was, mesmerising! Shopping in the old town was fantastic, so many beautiful shops; I bought a beach bag and a little bracelet. All the locals in Sardinia are so friendly and welcoming, you can’t help but tune into that Italian charm.
Again, can’t help but pose for photos! 😉

Every night we dressed up and went out for dinner and the food was just incredibly tasty every place we went to. Spaghetti, slow cooked Octopus, risotto – so much food, so many carbs and I loved every bite!

Sardinia you have captured my heart with your beauty, your friendliness, you’re Italian charm, your food, your shopping and your famous ‘Smeralda’ sea (they call it the emerald sea because of that beautiful clear blue colour). South of France will always be a favourite but if you ask me now ‘where do you want to go on your honeymoon?’, my answer will have to be Sardinia!

Lots of love girls xxxxx

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