Patron of Pink

Hi girls,

So as you probably know from my outfits on Instagram, I am rather fond (okay obsessed with!) the colour pink. In fact, as I am writing this right now, I am wearing a full pink outfit; pink headband, pink eyeshadow and lipstick, pink t-shirt and pink jeans.

So, why do I love this colour so much you ask? For me, I love any bright colour, I like to wear clothes that make me feel happy and uplifted and bright colours do that for me. If I wore black all the time I honestly think it would dampen my mood but that’s just me, some people love wearing black. Pink in particular is bright but also easy to wear, suits my complexion (pale skin, brown hair and blue eyes) and is easy to match with other colours (unless I’m wearing head to toe pink of course).

So you can imagine my happiness last week when I was browsing through the shops, looking at all the new season clothes and seeing so much pink! Arket in particular is going mental for pink right now and are even taking a leaf out of my book and going head to toe.

But don’t just assume pink isn’t for you, this colour has got a lot going for it and can work in many ways. Pink is not just for ‘girly girls’, pink can be styled in a cool, urban and masculine way. I’ve always said it looks great on men too.
Pink first became fashionable in the 1700s when European aristocrats – both men and women – wore a kind of powdery pale pink as a symbol of luxury and class, oh darling! Pink was not associated with gender whatsoever until the 20th century and quite frankly I think the colour should remain gender neutral. The colour pink is associated with kindness, compassion, love, calm and a sense of good healthy and success with phrases ‘being in the pink’ and ‘everything’s rosy’ often used – in a way, shouldn’t we all experience those things?

Below are a few of my favourite pink outfits styled in a more modern sporty way…


See below a few of my ‘go to’ pink outfits…

So, if you feel like trying a bit of pink (and I throughly encourage you do so 😉) then check out the below ‘new in’ gorgeous pink delights…

Lots of love to my pink ladies (and gentleman!) 💕 xxxx

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