My & Other Stories Takeover

Hi girls,

What a nice weekend we are having with the weather; one last bit of summer before Autumn truly begins. I hope you’re having a good one wherever you are.

So it’s London Fashion Week at the moment so of course I had to do a fashion post and after going round the shops this week, I need to talk to you about all the fantastic colours coming through at & Other Stories. They’ve really gone after bright jewelled tones this Autumn in dresses, skirts, knitwear, tops (you name it) and it looks great. There are SOOO many things I want to buy but I need to be good – I really don’t need more clothes in my already overflowing wardrobe. I try and buy as much vintage as possible to be sustainable (among other things) but sometimes a girl can’t help herself so if I want to buy something, I always make sure I send some clothes to charity or sell them on Depop first; one in one out!

So back to Stories, I went round Regent St and picked up a handful of gems (jewelled tones, geddit?) and had a glorious long time in the fitting room trying everything on and taking pictures (I might have been in there too long as there was a big queue when I came out so sorry about that girls!).

So get ready for an influx of colour, we’ve got neon, emerald, pink, orange, lilac – all the best colours frankly!

First up, I absolutely love this bright chartreuse colour in this amazingly soft cashmere jumper (£120 OUCH!) but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a cashmere jumper this Autumn. I love this colour paired with emerald like in this slip skirt with side slit. This would be amazing in freezing winter as well with tights, boots and some sort of amazing coat like fur or shearling (must stop getting over excited about winter coats).


Jumper: jumper would also look amazing with jeans, love these 70s inspired flare fit, need to get myself some flares this Autumn (added to the top of my vintage wish list alongside cowboy boots – yes I’m still looking!).

Then I also love the chartreuse more yellowish colour on this oversized lace shirt. Worn open (but obviously would need a tee underneath) or on it’s own with the buttons done up.

Next up we’ve got a tangerine, LOL, but I absolutely love this colour and this jumper is so cosy. It’s actually on the bargain rail with 30% off so grab it while you can if you want it. I have enough jumpers so I left this tangerine be but I might have to go back for it if I can’t stop thinking about it next week!

Then we move onto my favourite colour as you well know, pink! As already mentioned on one of my last posts, I am loving the amount of fuchsia coming in this Autumn and this Alpaca soft cardigan is no exception. Cardigans of the great nan kind are making a huge comeback and I am totally feeling it with this one. Worn with denim, a skirt or with a dress is up to you. I love it with both.

Then finally, my other favourite colour to wear, lilac. I really want this corduroy relaxed shirt but I’ve seen lots in a vintage shop recently so I might buy one for half the price instead (this one would set me back £85). Super cute with denim jeans, a denim jacket over the top or even a jumper as well if it’s super cold later on and some awesome cowboys boots which I’m yet to find!

So those are my favourites in Stories at the moment! I’m going to hold off purchasing any right now as my future cowboy boots come first but watch this space (or Instagram) as one or two of these might be featured. It depends how much self control I have!

Lots of love to all you fellow fashion obsessed girls xxxx

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