Vintage Take Over

Hey girls,

I wanted to tell you about some new vintage pieces I bought this week which I’m super excited about! Then I thought I’d do a whole vintage take over especially with the timing of the climate change protests yesterday. Which is one of the reasons why I love vintage clothing; helping the environment and trying to do my bit to be sustainable. As well as the amazing feeling of finding one off pieces that nobody else is likely to have (I hate walking down the street and seeing 20 other people wearing my outfit!). Vintage clothes just mean so much more, it takes a lot of time and effort to find those gems but once you have they’ll stay with you for years and you can wear them time and time again. I love thinking that this piece of clothing I’ve just bought has a history somewhere in this world and I’m keeping it alive and giving it a new lease of life.

I have picked up some truly amazing pieces over the years of hunting (see below) and go vintage shopping a few times a month. Most of the time I don’t find anything which is the part of the beauty in it; I’m getting my shopping fix without spending lots of money or massively contributing to fast fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I love a high-street buy from time to time but I’m very strict with myself in buying from brands I trust for good quality good value clothing; Anthropologie, Arket, & Other Stories for example. I don’t shop at Primark, Boohoo, Missguided, Zara or ASOS which I believe are the worst for fashion that doesn’t last after one wear which is extremely bad for the environment and also bad for our bank accounts!

So this is what I bought from Rokit Vintage in Covent Garden this week (one of my favourite vintage shops in London)…

Firstly this GORGEOUS 80s looking dress in a watercolour abstract kind of print. I just fell in love with the colours on this; they’re all my favourites – Pink, lilac, blue and cream. It only cost me £10 quid as well! What a discounted bargain! With my lilac boots and my lilac headband also, this is going to be one of my favourite looks next Summer (and now if the weather holds out for a little bit longer!). As my boyfriend would tell me, I AM Beverley Goldberg 😉

Then a miracle happened…
I found a pair of jeans that fit! I always struggle with jeans fitting properly, most high street brands are too long for me and I always end up having lots of room up top and not enough room around my bum (big bum problems! 🙄). I live in jeans most of the time and own a few blue pairs (and pink ones too of course) but have been wanting a black pair for ages. These vintage Levi’s 505 jeans are extra special in my opinion as they used to be a W38, L32 (a lot bigger than me – I’m a W29) and have been taken a part in the middle to remove some excess fabric and then sewed back together as a much smaller fit which you can tell by the V shape on the back of the jeans (and the fact the label says so of course). I think it’s so cool to think once a upon a time a rather large man was strolling around in these jeans feeling super cool and now I am doing the same, giving these jeans a new life. From one booty to another haha.

My other favourite special vintage gems I’ve found over the years include…

My fuchsia shirt purchased last month… My 50s style blue and white leaf print dress that I’ve basically lived in this Summer My Beverley Goldberg 80s jumper which I love and these Levi’s shorts customised with purple pom poms that I’m actually wearing right nowCan’t forget my sequin trousers which, if you know me, know that they come out whenever I get a chance to play dress up – festival, Halloween, Christmas party, I love them!My other jazzy pants which I can’t wait to wear again this Autumn/Winter! My favourite suede sheepskin coat found at Reign Vintage last December (while meant to be Christmas shopping whoops!).Then finally this orange dress which from memory cost me £7 quid! Worn to a lot of festivals and summer parties over the years.

So apart from Rokit Vintage, Covent Garden, which I’ve already mentioned, below are my other go to vintage stores in Central London…
– Beyond Retro on Great Marlborough St, Soho
– Reign Vintage on Berwick St, Soho
– Goldsmith Vintage on Charing Cross Road, Soho
– Pop Boutique, Covent Garden
– Blackout II, Covent Garden
These are my favourites saved on my phone mainly because I live, work and hang out quite close to them so it’s easy to pop in from time to time (or ALL the time). However, there are also lots of others saved not just in London but around the world (Sydney and Paris for example) on my Google Maps. East London is a major vintage hub as well as Portobello Market and Brixton so go check them out and get hunting!

I actually went to Beyond Retro and and Reign Vintage this morning as I went for breakfast with my boyfriend on Regent St and thought I’d check them out as I’ve not been that way for a few weeks. I found some great pieces but I didn’t buy anything as I’ve bought a few things recently and there needs to be some limits but they are super cute! Plus I need to hold out for my future cowboy boots which I’m still hunting for.

How awesome is this purple 60s mini dress! Imagine with some boots (like my lilac ones!) and this would be a kicking outfit. Needs a good iron of course but that’s part of buying vintage sometimes and so worth it to find those one off pieces. Love this cute ditsy floral print dress, such a nice shape with the balloon sleeves and pleated skirt. IN LOVE with this skirt, I’d wear with trainers (or cowboy boots!) and a t-shirt in the summer. Love the bright pop of purple on this skirt which is from Max Mara! £45 quid as well, what a gem. The colours on this t-shirt are awesome, with a jeans or skirt in summer would be fab. Another Beverley Goldberg special!This skirt giving me major Chloe vibes. Again, cowboy boots (can’t get them out of my head!) and a jumper in Autumn. Or with a t-shirt and sandals in the Summer.Then I loved this Chloe like blouse, the ruffles are awesome and I’d wear with jeans and some cowboy boots (see I NEED some desperately 😉). The same goes for this super cute 100% cotton shirt, love the colour and the sleeves, with jeans or a skirt and a jumper in winter, would look awesome. Only £20 quid as well!

So that rounds up my vintage takeover, I hope it’s inspired you to get hunting and hopefully find some truly amazing one off pieces that will stay with you and your wardrobe for years to come.

Lots of love xxxx