Mindfulness & Taking Time Out

Hi girls,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was at a spa this weekend back in Norfolk with my boyfriend and staying at my parent’s house in the countryside. I decided to spend the weekend away from Instagram and focusing on the here & now and the people around me. It was very relaxing and very much needed as I had a rather exhausting week this week.

It’s important to take time out every now and then as part of being mindful. Mindfulness is a word being used more and more, probably because our lives are becoming more and more stressful but I won’t go into that – I like to be a positive person (the majority of the time anyway, unless I’m ‘hangry’ as my boyfriend would tell me). Anyway, this week for me was all about being mindful which I choose to engage with on some level or another when I need to. Everyone sees mindfulness in a different way and we’re all told so many different things as to what it means. For me, I see mindfulness as some sort of super power in a way, something I can tune into and use to my advantage when needed. If I’ve had a super stressful week at work or in my personal life (like I have this week) then I make an extra effort to be mindful of how my body is, how my mind is and how I generally go about every day. For instance, when I am stressed or feeling low I tend to eat rubbish food (sound familiar?) and stuff my face with carbs and chocolate to make myself feel better. But that never actually makes me feel better, afterwards it always makes me feel worse. But sometimes you can’t see that for yourself, you can’t see the woods for the trees when you’re in that situation, that rut. I also tend to forget all about exercising and then wonder why I then look in the mirror and feel really fat. Not that I actually do because weight piles on over a period of time not over night. However, because in my mind I know that I’ve eaten rubbish and not exercised I trick myself into thinking I have piled on the pounds. The other side of that argument which I wrote about a few weeks back is who cares if you’ve gained a few pounds? Which I believe is true but there’s a fine line between giving yourself a break and giving yourself excuses. Mine was turning into excuses so I knew I had to break the barrier and tune into mindfulness to get back to eating healthily and exercising.

So this week, in spite of my stress levels being tested and me wanting to get home, eat something easy (usually unhealthily) and go to bed straight away I decided to make the effort to cook nice meals for my lunch and dinner and take the time to do some exercise.

Previously I have always been into my gym classes; spinning, cardio shred, body pump etc but I felt like I couldn’t face going to those classes in the morning or evening with loud chart topping music in my ears and a shouting instructor in my face. After constant busy and knackering days that was sounding like my worst nightmare. So instead I decided to focus on running which to me feels like a completely different kind of exercise.

Running in the fresh air (as fresh as it can be in North London), with the wind in your face and an interesting podcast in your ears is a more mindfulness way of getting in those steps and getting out the sweat. I don’t have to talk to anyone which is ideal and it’s just me and my body doing such a basic, primitive move, I love it. I’ve been doing the couch to 5K which I’ve spoken about before and couldn’t recommend enough! I love working towards something and having a plan so this app is ideal for me. I can’t wait to finish it and get to 5K. I’m hoping to then be able to do a 5K run for charity or something, like those super exercise people I see that ENJOY running the London Marathon (my friend is one of those), I could be one of those crazy people if I keep this up, how exciting! Haha, I’m not ‘taking the Mickey’ by the way, I have full respect for those hard working runners and aspire to be like them massively.

So this week I am proud to say I went for a run 3 times! One was on the weekend as well which is even more impressive for me because I love to be very lazy on the weekends and catch up on sleep. I am really enjoying it and aim to stick with it for the future.

So if you’re feeling a bit sh*t, in a bit of a rut or having a stressful time of late then perhaps you can take inspiration from this and tune into your mindfulness super power, GIRL POWER!

Lots of love girls xxx

Ps, happy Sunday…

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