Getting Back On Track

Hey girls!

I’m back to writing again! Sorry I haven’t written for a few weeks. As you probably know, my mum had a bit of a health scare and hasn’t been all that well after suffering with a brain haemorrhage last month. She is slowly doing better every single day since but it’s going to take a while for things to go back to normal. It was quite a shock for myself and my family so I decided to take a couple of weeks off writing among other parts of my life like not pressuring myself to exercise regularly if I don’t feel up to it, to levitate some stress and anxiety. In fact I read an article the other day about women speaking up about actively and consciously ‘dropping the ball’ and only having their life 100% together about 70% of the time. I totally resonate with that. There is so much pressure in life, through social media among other things, to have the perfect life – the perfect relationships, the perfect job, the perfect house and look perfect too – but it’s just not realistic so I’m totally on board with stopping to try and be perfect 100% of the time.

So, what’s been happening recently, what have I been up to?
Well you may have seen through my Instagram that I was in Philadelphia for work which was amazing. The food there is sooooo delicious (I ate so much I think I’ve come back with an extra 10 pounds on me but who cares) and everyone is super friendly (compared to London anyway). The vintage shops were amazing and I found two amazing pieces which I love – an 80s cocktail dress with HUGE shoulders, a big bow and ruffles on the hem. It just fits like a glove and I can not wait to wear this to Christmas parties! Then I also found an 80s ski jacket in bright fuchsia (of course) which I’ll wear just around London causally but then will also DEFINITELY be taking it skiing. The colour is just insane, I love it.
I also went to this Halloween night while I was out there and that was absolutely terrifying but hilarious at the same time and one of the best nights ever. The concept was you walk around this old prison and actors come and scare you etc. I am quite a scaredy cat and thought I wouldn’t be able to cope – I’m scared of the dark, I’m terrified of clowns and I’m just quite a jumpy person. But I surprised myself with how well I coped. Even when a clown jumped in front of me, kidnapped me away from the group and sent me down this dark tunnel and a slide that then led into a cage where I was locked inside for what felt like a year (it was probably only 10 minutes), I in fact found it quite funny.

Apart from Philly, I’ve been starting to think about Christmas shopping and this year not leaving it to the last minute like I always do. I went shopping yesterday around Spitalfields and Brick Lane which I haven’t done for ages and I’d forgotten how many amazing shops there are round there. First of all the & Other Stories is way nicer than the other big ones around London like on Regent St and is definitely less busy. I may have treated myself to these bad boys (below) as they were 50% off – eek! I loved them when they were full price but couldn’t quite stretch to £135 but £65 quid yes please! Shout out to my friend who had to wait ages in the shop for me to decide. I don’t take decisions lightly and was going back and forth about whether I should get them or not. Also I know I should be buying presents for other people but sometimes you just can’t help yourself haha. Cannot wait to style these with a dress and some tights. Keep a look out on my Instagram for my future hiking boot outfits. My friend and I also stumbled upon a great designer outlet pop up shop in The Old Truman Brewery with 70% off Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Kenzo etc – I think it’s on again next weekend as well or at least there’s more pop up shops planned in for the lead up to Christmas.

Then this Friday night I was with another one of my close friends and we went to Mamma Mia The Party at The O2. I was kindly invited by her family and we all went together. I know it’s been advertised quite a lot and people have been asking me how it was. I can honestly say it was absolutely incredible. You walk in and you really do feel like you’re in Greece. The food was fantastic, we had a full 3 course dinner. The show and the music starts when you’re eating your starters. Then there’s a half way break where everyone eats their main and then for the second half everyone starts dancing. I don’t think I have danced so much in all my life. Every single ABBA song and then once the show had finished, the party continued with 70s disco (AKA my heaven!) all night long. There was a stage where the performers dressed up for the finale but when they’d finished we were all allowed on the platform to continue dancing. I felt like Donna Summer especially in my outfit dressed like Donna & The Dynamos. Unfortunately I was having so much fun I didn’t get a chance to capture a picture in my outfit but you can get the jist from me sitting on the tube (below)… As you can imagine, I was getting quite a lot of stares on my way into work on Friday morning LOL!

It’s been so lovely this week catching up with friends that I’ve not seen for a month or two and going out dancing and having a right jolly ol’ time. There’s nothing like the feeling of dancing to your favourite song with your hands up in the air. All your worries seem to fade away, or they do for me at least.
Thank you for all the support from friends and family and all the kind messages I received wishing my mum a full recovery. I’ll keep you updated every now and then with how she’s getting on.

Lots of love to you all! Xxxxx