Feeling That 80s Party Vibe

Hey girls,

Happy weekend and happy first week of December! I hope you’ve had a good week, probably filled with lots of Christmas parties and eating and drinking, I know mine definitely has; I’m knackered!

I went to Secret Cinema Stranger Things on Thursday night, OMG it was amazing! We had to dress up as a certain 80s style, the choices were; rocker, hip-hop, movers n groovers and new romantic. I went for new romantic and dressed up as Madonna, I mean why not?

I’d done my research and my Pinterest is now full of 80s inspired outfits; I’ve totally fallen in love with the 80s. I’ve always been a fan of the music; Wham, Whitney Houston, Queen, Tina Turner, George Michael, The Police, Prince – I could go on forever. But the amount of fashion trends that we wear now that are from the 80s, especially this season, 80s are back baby!

See below some of my favourite 80s party outfits…

Big bows, extravagant earrings, ruffles, shoulder pads, metallic, clips, tulle, lace, denim, it’s all so extra and I love it!

& Other Stories are really championing the party season this year with a lot of 80s inspired outfits. See below some of my favourites in store right now…




I actually tried this dress on, I absolutely love it but I do not need any more party dresses in my wardrobe!

For my outfit, I found a vintage dress from Rokit Vintage on Brick Lane (of course, I had to go vintage). It’s a purple velvet shoulder padded fit and flare with a gold metallic hem that kicks out with netting underneath. Then to top it off there’s a great big purple velvet bow on the front. It’s just perfect! I’m totally going to wear this again but perhaps without the fishnet tights and the gold cross earrings.
Then, accessories wise, a big satin bow headband that I already have in my wardrobe and wear quite a lot. A pearl necklace and lots of other necklaces layered with it. Huge very extra gold and black jewelled cross earrings that I found at Rokit, they are so Madonna it’s like they came straight out of her music video in the 80s! Then finally fishnet tights and my Doc Martens.
For my makeup, I trialled different looks the weekend before as it’s very easy with sh*t loads of eyeshadow to look like someone has punched you in the face (think Rachel in that friends episode where Ross does her make up). That is definitely how I looked when I first did it with pink and blue eyeshadow! Not my finest hour, my face does NOT look impressed…
So I went for gold glitter eyeshadow that goes all the way up to the brow line and then blue and gold eyeliner on top and bottom. I even put a little mole on my face like Madonna did in the 80s! I definitely don’t do things by half. Red lipstick of course and then I curled and back combed the sh*t out of my hair – my hair is definitely feeling hungover from it today though, definitely need to give it a bit of TLC this weekend.

It was one of the best nights of this year, if you’ve been wanting to go to a Secret Cinema then I do it! The amount of work, production, design, actors that go into the whole event, it’s incredible. I can’t wait to see what the next one will be. What would you want them to do? I’d love Clueless, Dirty Dancing and so many more.

But for now I’m going to be partying my way through December in 80s inspired outfits every day.

Lots of love girls, from Steve Harrington and Madonna 😉 (my boyfriend went as Steve Harrington from Stranger Things).


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