Restart, Refresh, Reboot!

Hi girls,

Happy weekend! We’ve made it through the first full working week, unless you still have time off in which case you lucky bugger 😉.

I started my New Year healthy eating focus again this Monday. I do this every year really, I let myself go at Christmas because, well, its CHRISTMAS and the only time you can ever eat chocolate for breakfast lunch AND dinner. But then the weight piles on and I come back in January being close to not fitting in my clothes, slight problem 😂.
So I always do a bit of a health kick. Now I’m not talking about diets – I don’t believe in those, or fasting or any of that bullsh*t. I just try and focus and consciously think about what I’m eating again. When we eat more over a period of time our stomachs expand (or MINE definitely does) and gets used to consuming that amount of food making you feel hungry all the time. So I focus on shrinking my stomach again and getting it used to consuming a NORMAL amount of food in a day.
Side note, I weighed myself when I got back home after Christmas and I’d put on 8 pounds! Haha, all that chocolate, cheese, meat, alcohol are to blame but my gosh was it fun so who cares.

In order to do all of this, I use my Fitbit which I got a few years back. I use it every day to track my steps, calories burned, sleep patterns etc – I find it really fascinating. But I also use it to track what I’ve eaten and how much water I’ve drunk in a day. It tells me how much protein, carbs, fat etc I have had vs the recommended amount and tells me how many calories I have got left in my ‘budget’ based upon how many calories I have burned in order to shed some pounds. It’s useful because when I’m craving that chocolate brownie at work at 3pm, I’m not thinking about the calories, I’m thinking about the deliciousness of it, obviously. But this tracker put’s that into perspective and then I suddenly don’t want that brownie anymore (well almost don’t!) as it’s going to ruin my food count for the day when I was doing so well up to 3pm, I’d be throwing the towel in as the saying goes.

I only track my food for a temporary time only though because life is way too short to be tracking every little thing you eat every day for the rest of our lives! But this helps me in the beginning stage of getting back on track to a healthy eating, healthy life style of living, because I tell you I can eat for England!

Below is an example of what I ate in a day vs my calories burned and how my micronutrients (as in carbs, protein etc) are balanced. According to research we should have between 45-65% carbs in our diet in a day, 10-35% of protein and 20-35% fat. When I first learnt that I was quite surprised as everyone talks about fat like the enemy but actually it’s not! Obviously I had too much fat that day whoops 🤷‍♀️

Getting back into exercise is a big part of this too. I’ve spoken about exercise on my blog before, I’m not the best at doing it but try to do something at least twice a week. However, it can also easily fall down if I’m really busy like at Christmas for example.
So this week for the first time I tried out a Peloton bike. Wow. I absolutely loved it! I’ve done many spin classes before but this was way better. I get in the zone with headphones in which I prefer than having 10 other sweaty panting strangers next to me. The instructors are fun, a bit cheesy but it’s comical, and the music soundtrack is on point – up to date with the latest hits and a wide range – okay now I sound like a advertisement for it! I promise it’s not. There’s lots of alternative classes on there like 80s hits 45 min spin (can’t wait to try that one next week) and classes with weights as well while I’m on the bike (I’m easing myself into that one 😳). Then on the app which I’ve downloaded, they’ve got yoga classes which you can play on your phone and do it at the gym or at home. As you can tell, I’m a big fan so far.
But that’s the important bit right, when you’ve not done exercise for a few weeks, you need to find something exciting that gets you back in the game. Whether that be a run in fresh air and beautiful nature around you, a dance class with mates, a hit at the gym with favourite music in your ears or even new gym kit.
I must say, the new gym kit definitely helped me get back into it this week. My sister got me this amazing matching leggings and sports bra in the most fabulous pistachio green colour from Gymshark. They are Uber comfy and don’t fall down which is the goal really when you’re on a spin bike, nobody wants to see ones bottom!

This isn’t a lecture by the way, I’m not an expert in any of this by any stretch, I’m not making you feel guilty for not eating healthily, only ourselves can make us or should make us feel like that, not anyone else. You do you, love yourself and look after yourself (by drinking water and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle majority of the time), that’s all any of us can really do right?

Lots of love girls xxxx

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