Colour Clash of the Month – Lilac & Yellow

Hi girls,

Happy weekend as always! We’re smashing it through January and before we know it, it’ll be pay day!!! All hail the January pay day! Anyone else broke like me?

So, I haven’t written a ‘fashion’ post in a while, mainly because my thoughts and feelings and Instagram followings have been mainly about positivity, mental health and generally looking after ourselves – that’s the mindset I’m in right now which is a major focus that is very much needed (read my other posts for the ‘tea’).

So, I was thinking this week that I go through phases in my style of different colour clashes that I get a bit obsessed with. I’ve mentioned before that I have what’s known as synesthesia which is where one’s mind is more perceptive to colour and processes colour in unique ways. For example, I have always seen a word or a number has a colour. When I was a child, I was desperate to be called Katie, partly because my best friend was called Katie, but also because Katie for me is bright pink and (as you well know from my Instagram) I bloody love pink. So I got a bit obsessed with calling my dolls, babies, The Sims characters (I used to love that game!) as Katie.

Anyway, I love colour on a weird nerdy scale which probably contributes to my bright colourful crazy sense of style.With that in mind, I have been absolutely loving lilac with yellow or chartreuse or even a green shade. I have worn it more than pink this week which if you know me is a shocker!

There’s lots of lilac on the high street at the minute, & Other Stories is fabulously owning this with all their new in products in lilac. I am really restraining from purchasing all of it! Their lilac matching jacket and suit trousers at the minute are making my heart skip a beat 😍😍😍😍💜.

See below some of my lilac outfits recently and some inspiration on how to style a bit of lilac and add some to your wardrobe. It’s such a beautiful happy colour for right now when it’s so miserable and dark outside still. Lilac can easily transition into Spring as well as Summer so it’s the kind of colour you can invest in for all year round.

I mean talk about comfort! Can’t get better than a sweatshirt with comfy lilac jeans. I dressed this outfit up a bit with my burgundy Dr Martens and a red wine lipstick. Lilac, yellow and burgundy – what a fabulous colour combo!

My god I love this jumper. It was part of the H&M x Pringle of Scotland range and I managed to snap this beauty up before most of the collection sold out. Again the same lilac jeans and Dr Martens, this time with a deep purple lipstick to bring the look together. I do love to coordinate my lipstick and my earrings with my outfit on most days.

These trainers I bought at Christmas bring together lilac and orange so brilliantly, with a bright coral lipstick and a black or orange top, dreamy.

I love this lilac headband and other accessories as a slightly subtler way of bringing lilac into your life. All my headbands are from Anthropologie so check them out for some wonderful lilac accessories. & Other Stories also have a plain lilac Alice band in stores which I keep looking at but NOT buying (yet 😉).

Then some inspiration outfits I’ve pinned on Pinterest over the years to convince you even further that lilac and yellow is an awesome colour combo…

So if you’re feeling this colour clash then please send me your outfits, I’d love to see!

Lots of love girls xxxx

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