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Hi girls,
Happy weekend!
I hope everyone is doing okay right now in these uncertain and nerve wracking times. It’s a little bit scary and I don’t know about you but my anxiety levels are on fire right now whenever I get on the tube in London. I am so worried about older people including my Granny and Grandma. I lost my Grandad last month and I really don’t need to loose anyone else right now due to this shitty virus. I wish Coronavirus would just BOG OFF. Anyone else?

So whether your self isolating or not, sometimes we need something to cheer ourselves up or distract ourselves from the worries of the world. Thank god for mid season sale right now! I am very much an advocate for NOT throwing money at clothes every week or month but sometimes we do just need a pick me up in the form of online shopping.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d share my favourites from the mid season markdown. Fashion brands are throwing their sale in my face on email right now in a bit of a desperate bid to keep sales going online. The industry is rather panicking that with COVID-19 nobody is going to go out shopping anymore.

Anthropologie Up To 50% Off
I purchased online this awesome dress this week. I love the print and the colour (very me) and can’t wait to style this up in the Summer on it’s own or to wear now with a t-shirt underneath.
Was £160, Now £80
(click on the pictures to go through to the website)

I also purchased these Levi’s cord dungarees.
All year round and easy, I know I’m going to live in these.
Was £110, Now £55
I was also tempted with this, so cute! But unfortunately I am not made of money.
Was £130, Now £65
I love this brand so much including this amazingly metallic jumper.
I didn’t purchase though because I have SO many jumpers in my wardrobe that I actually can’t fit any more in.
So if anybody want’s to buy this for me it would be much appreciated, thank you.
Was £175, Now £87.50

Topshop Up To 70% Off
I absolutely love this look, especially with those boots and the dress is such an easy shape, you just throw it on and go.
Was £49, Now £30
(click on the pictures to go through to the website)

I actually bought this in the olive green colour which I lurrrveeeee.

I love this yellow and black floral print. So cute for Spring with trainers.
Was £39, Now £25 – BARGAIN!
I love this whole outfit, just so effortlessly chic.
The leopard print shirt in particular makes this look.
Was £19, Now £10 – AMAZING!

Arket Up To 50% Off
I absolutely love this pink light puffer, perfect for Spring when we’re waking up hoping it’s warm enough to go out without a jacket but not quite.
Was £115, Now £69
(click on the pictures to go through to the website)

This print is just GORGEOUS.
I’d wear this with denim boyfriend jeans and my lilac patent boots in Spring.
Was £79, Now £47
I adore this bubblegum pink bias skirt and tried it on last year when it was full price but unfortunately it did not suit me.
Bias skirts are not for curvy ass girls I’m afraid.
But if they do suit you then definitely snap this up.
Was £69, Now £35

& Other Stories Up To 50% Off
White boots are so on trend right now, I keep seeing them more and more on Instagram and on street style, it’s making me want some for Spring.
I love these ones although I’d have to make sure I don’t get them dirty!
Was £135, Now £80
(click on the pictures to go through to the website)

Green corduroy jumpsuit for Spring? Yes please!
Also, it’s made of ‘sustainably sourced materials’ as an added bonus.
Was £85, Now £59
The peach utility jumpsuit I talked about a few weeks on and tried on is in the sale! Soooo tempted with this but NO, must be good.
Was £95, Now £52
This is me trying it on, I needed to go up a size as it comes up quite small.
My floral puff sleeve dress is also still in the sale!
Now cheaper than ever.
Was £85, Now £51.

Those are a few of my favourites from my favourite high-street brands. Now go and give yourself permission to purchase a little something to cheer yourself up and maybe forget about Coronavirus for a minute or two.

Lots of love girls and stay safe out there!

Ps, DON’T FORGET TO KEEP WASHING YOUR HANDS AND DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE OR MOUTH. Hard for those who bite their nails (trust me I know) but you’ve got to try.


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