My Wardrobe Favourites

Hi girls,
another Saturday, another week in isolation. How is everyone holding up? I’ve really focused on being active this week and keeping my spirits up. So I’ve been doing a lot of dancing around my living room, yoga sessions and a few early morning runs before I start the day. My mood has definitely lifted compared to last week so I definitely recommend staying active and not sitting around all day every day (some days that’s okay though 😉). I also finished Love is Blind on Netflix (yes I am a month behind haha), what crazy endings! I’ll keep shhh in case any of you haven’t watched it yet, it’s definitely a must watch though.

Anyway, this morning I was re-organising my wardrobe; refolding clothes, putting away clean laundry etc and it got me thinking how much I miss wearing all my favourite outfits and going outside!
I’m sure you’re all feeling the same as me. I’ve basically lived in yoga leggings and cosy jumpers for the past 2 weeks. Some people are getting fully dressed and putting make up on each day but I just really can’t be bothered, I haven’t worn make up for 2 weeks now and it feels great!

So I thought I’d put some music on, have a little dance and get dressed up with nowhere to go in all my favourite clothes to wear in Winter and Summer ❤️…

I absolutely love this outfit.
This cord shirt/jacket I bought from a brand called Ichi, found in my hometown’s local department store; Jarrolds of Norwich.
You probably have seen me in these lilac jeans on Instagram. Old Anthropologie last year.
Then my favourite trainers from New Balance.
I wear this whole outfit all the time (in normal circumstances)
This is my favourite dress of last Summer.
Topshop did a big campaign over this dress and it sold out instantly.
Luckily I managed to find my size on the last chance rail and never looked back.
I love wearing it with these glitter converses that I treated myself to last year for my birthday when I went to New York.
I always have fun in this dress ❤️⭐️💃🏼
Another lilac jeans outfit.
This outfit (minus the fluffy scarf) has been worn so many times this year already and I still love it.
This orange cardigan from Arket (last year) just kills me every time, it’s just soooo gorgeous, bright, soft, comfy and fun.
OBSESSED with orange and lilac 😍
I purchased this dress and bucket hat just before this pandemic hit and I’m so desperate to go frolicking in the sunshine in it 😂
Both from H&M online now so go snap it up if you love it as much as I do.
I think we can all guess what I’ll be wearing this Summer (if we’re allowed outside again!).
Another jumper for the win.
This is from H&M x Pringle of Scotland collection last year.
It’s just so classic with a pinch of quirky.
Super cosy too ❤️
Again looking forward to warmer days and wearing this beauty.
I feel like a princess in this dress!
It’s just so big and shiny and pretty – like a moth to a flame.
Another favourite cheap vintage find of mine.
With my ol’ lilac patent boots.
Just love 💜
This fuschia pink cord shirt I found in a vintage shop in the sale for £5!
It’s just so effortless, I can easily throw it on with a pair of jeans and trainers on busy mornings.
Forever in pink 💖
I just love the colours on this old season Anthropologie dress.
Aww this dress, such a sad love story.
I bought it in the sale last year from & Other Stories after waiting months for it to go on sale; it was quite pricey full price.
Then the first time I wore it, within 2 hours the sleeve seam and side seam had come apart! So I took it back and risked exchanging it, hoping it wouldn’t happen again. But it did, not as bad this time but it still ripped on the sleeve.
I can’t part with it just yet and I’m hoping my boyfriend (a tailor) can do some DIY on this.
My all time FAVOURITE cardigan.
Found in a vintage shop, it just brings a smile to my face whenever I wear this.
Another & Other Stories puff sleeve wonder.
Luckily this one is made from sturdy cotton and isn’t likely to split.
I purchased this dress earlier this year from H&M, I think it’s still online now.

I can’t wait for Summer now!

And now back into what I am ACTUALLY wearing at the moment 😂 …

Lots of love girls and stay safe out there 😘 xxxx

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