Summer Shorts

Hi girls,
How are we on this GLORIOUS Easter weekend? I say glorious as it is so gorgeously sunny today. Sunshine really does make everything better doesn’t it. I hope you are all hanging on in there as we end what week 3 in lockdown?
I don’t know about you but I am starting to get used to this whole situation. For the first couple of weeks I didn’t want to get dressed or put make up on and just struggled to make an effort with anything really. Apart from running and working from home every day. My mood was down quite a lot and I struggled to sleep due to worrying about everything; am I going to get it? Will my family get it? Do I have it on my hands right now and don’t know it? And so on and so forth, I’m sure you’ve all felt the same.
But now I’m getting used to it as if it is normal living and I’m starting to think about other things, feeling inspired again and wanting to do things more (even if it is still at home).

Hello bright lipstick my old friend! 💋
First time I’ve put make up on for 3 weeks.

For example, thinking about this Summer’s outfits! This sunny weather this week has had me getting excited and dreaming about all the future Summer outfits I shall be wearing even if it’s just to go downstairs to make a coffee.
Do you ever fall asleep or wake up in the mornings with a new outfit idea because I definitely do 😂 The other day I woke up feeling inspired about city shorts, random I know. I must have seen them somewhere and sub consciously remembered in my mind that it was a good look. I’ve got this idea in my head of long tapered city shorts in a bright colour with a tucked in t-shirt and sandals. What I would call effortlessly chic darling 😉 Said in a voice like Stanley Tucci on Devil Wears Prada, the kind of life I pretend I’m living in my head but mine is definitely not glamorous like that at all. First of all I could not cope on a cube of cheese and neither could I run around New York (or London) in high heel stilettos.
Anyway, I have decided I ‘need’ a pair of city shorts in my wardrobe (pathetic and totally not a priority right now) so I shan’t be purchasing right this second but whenever we come out of lockdown and I can go shopping again it is on my wish list as a future purchase (I always have a shopping wish list going, go check out my highlight on Instagram to see what else is currently on my list).

So in light of my city short epiphany I’ve done some online browsing and Pinterest pinning for my Summer shorts debut, see below…

First up some beautiful designer city shorts that I’ll never be able to afford from Farfetch but it’s good to aspire to something right?

Love these spotted ones, with a cute green t-shirt tucked in and these yellow sandals, love it!
These would look awesome with a slouchy bubblegum pink tee tucked in and trainers or sandals.
Further down the page I’ve put some Bimba Y Lola tees – one of my favourite brands for t-shirts. I have a bubblegum pink one from them that I wear all the time and would look so great with these shorts.
White shorts with white cowboy boots, hell yeah!
With a kelly green t-shirt (like the shorts above) this look would be awesome.
Okay NOT with this 90s Studio 54 sexy club tank, EWWW, but these pink shorts with a contrast orange t-shirt? Winner winner!
Love these as a more sophisticated short; less bright and easier to wear. With a black or neutral t-shirt tucked in – can’t go wrong.

Now for shorts from the high-street that I can ACTUALLY afford 😂…

Love these pink ones from Monki (found on ASOS). Only £25! Again with a green or orange t-shirt or I’d even wear yellow! Bonkers I know but I love a colour clash any day of the week.
Ignoring the corset (not feeling that) but these orange shorts clashed with a pink tee, a neutral tee, a sky blue tee, a black tee = fab!
Also NOT with heels, I’m all about the comfort so sandals, flatforms or trainers for me please.
£22 on ASOS.
More pink shorts, £25 on ASOS.
This colour green is to die for. Again with a pink tee and you’re good to go.
£22 on ASOS.
These are in the sale, WAS £39 NOW £35 at Topshop.
Love the pattern on these!
These are from Topshop Boutique, a little harder to wear but an awesome colour! With a pastel coloured tee tucked in with sandals it would be a great look.
WAS £140, NOW £126.

Then some of my favourite t-shirts from Bimba Y Lola right now. I love their t-shirts as the colours are always fab, they last a long time (I’ve worn my pink one for years) and I love how they’re always slouchy and comfy. I’m all for effortless and comfort and none of this tight/cropped t-shirts look for me.

I can’t really find many street style outfits of city shorts (let’s just say I am the first to come up with this outfit look 😉 SMUG FACE) but below are sort of what I’m thinking…

LOVE this colour combo, imagine these orange trousers as shorts and this look is exactly what I want.
The yellow shorts are super cute and paired with a tonal colour top, perfect.
This is such a cool city look, enough said.
Love this slouchy cool look, looks so comfy as well as being so chic.

So when I find my perfect bright city short and contrasting bright t-shirt tucked in I will let you know! I’ll be skipping down the streets in London in the sunshine feeling ‘effortlessly chic’ 😂 and pretending I am on Devil Wears Prada (minus the stilettos and cube of cheese).

I hope that has given you something to think about apart from ‘the C word’ and maybe it’ll keep you positive and looking ahead to brighter times outside in the sunshine.

If you are needing a bit of positivity today girls then go check out my Instagram ( where I’ve recently added a new highlight to my page called ositivity to keep you going 😘

Lots of love to you all and stay safe and well out there xxxx

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