The Bra That Changed My Life

Hey girls,
how are we doing today?
I’ll tell you what, my mood has been SO up and down again this week. One minute I’ve got lots of energy, I’m going for runs, getting dressed dressed (as in properly, it’s the new out out 😉) and the next minute I don’t have the slightest bit of motivation to do anything.
I haven’t even been for a run since Wednesday and still have 2 more runs to do in my week of Couch to 5K.
All I want to do is wear pj’s all day, stuff my face with all the contents of my fridge and watch old disney films (watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie in bed last night, cracking film! 😉). Even getting up and going for a shower and washing my hair was such an effort this morning.
But you know what it’s okay! That’s what I am telling myself. This whole situation is such a mind f**k that it’s okay to have good days and bad days. It’s okay to not feel motivated to do anything when there’s nothing to do anyway. So I am giving myself the day off today and not going for a run, not getting dressed and not giving myself that pressure to achieve something today. The fact I washed my hair this morning is my achievement for the day.
I hope you’re doing okay girls 😘

So I wanted to talk to you about a miracle that happened to me this week. Truly inspirational and life changing. Are you ready for it?
I bought one of those bandeau crop top bralette thing-ies. I say one, I actually bought three, and they have CHANGED MY LIFE 😂.
I’ve never found the need for them before, my boobs need under wiring support when out and about as otherwise they just bounce all over the place.
But, as I might have mentioned, since lockdown I haven’t worn a proper under wired bra at all. I just find them really uncomfortable when I am sitting or lying down all day. So my boobs have been totally free and loving life, they are having a truly wonderful time. However, when getting dressed (not like dressed dressed) in the mornings, in some outfits they appear to be more visible than one would like (not exactly appropriate for work meetings on Zoom). But without wanting to put on a proper bra, I don’t have an alternative.

So as you can see they have truly changed my life for the better and when we’re allowed outside again I’m not sure I will ever be able to return to a normal wired bra ever again. If you see a mad woman running down the street with boobs bouncing all over the place (I don’t mean just up and down but side to side too) with just a bandeau on (maybe trousers too if you’re lucky) then it might be me.

All 3 bandeau’s I bought from Urban Outfitters, I’m waiting for the kind post man to deliver my other 2 (the suspense is killing me) but for now I am never taking off my green one. Totally loving the lime green with fuchsia pink too.

I bought the same one in blue
Then also bought a tie dye one which is super cute.
Seeing as a can’t afford the amazing Ralph Lauren tie dye joggers all bloggers are going crazy for, this will keep me happy instead.

Lots of love as always and stay safe and well out there 😘

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