Please, Not The Lipsticks!

Hi girls,
another Saturday, another week in lockdown. I hope you’re all doing okay and hanging on in there.

I read an article the other day about what life is going to potentially be like after lockdown ends. When we have to go back to work again and use public transport. In London, they are saying that we might have to wear masks whenever we get on the tube. My first thought to that was ‘OMG I’M NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO WEAR LIPSTICK AGAIN’ (first world problems I know). But it’s true, unless someone invents an effective mask that doesn’t smudge your lipstick, us lipstick girls are going to be in trouble! 😂 (and the award for drama queen goes to….).
So I have decided to start wearing all my favourite lipsticks again while in lockdown before I have to start going outside without lipstick on (SHOCK HORROR!) and I thought I’d share them with you and what else I’ve been using, beauty wise, in lockdown…

So starting with lipsticks, I tend to go for bright red, orange, pink and purple. Browns and darker colours don’t really suit me, they make me look washed out and I’m already pale enough! 😂

From left to right…
Chanel lipstick in Rouge Allure 827
Estée Lauder Liquid Matte in Snapped Up 202
Sephora Cream Liquid Satin in colour #101
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square
Sephora Glitter Liquid Satin in Lovesick
This orange lipstick is another Estée Lauder Liquid Matte in Patently Peach 305
Estee Lauder Liquid Matte in Snapped Up 202
Sephora Cream Liquid Satin in colour #101
Meteor Crush pink eyeshadow from Fenty Beauty Galaxy eyeshadow palette
Sephora Glitter Liquid Satin in Lovesick

Then some other favourites I’m loving right now starting from bottom left…

Glossier Birthday Balm – it’s just so glittery, this makes me happy whenever I put it on ❤️

Floris perfume in lavender – I love Floris perfume and this lavender scent smells like Spring gardens, it’s so uplifting!

Chanel No5 body lotion – this smells INCREDIBLE and lasts even longer than the perfume in my opinion.

Fenty Beauty Galaxy eyeshadow palette – the colours on this are amazing and so glittery. I’m a sucker for the gold and pink tones, in fact I’m going to have to give you a close up…

Forgive Me Susie in Eye Swear – This little godsend palette came in my Birchbox a few months ago and I have basically used it every day since. The orange and gold have almost run out and I will definitely be purchasing again. I read somewhere once that those with blue eyes should wear orange and gold tones in make up as it brings out the colour of their eyes. This is because orange is on the opposite side of the colour spectrum to blue. Which is why brown eyes suit blue, purple and green tones.

How amazing are these colours!

Then finally I’ve also been loving these two little pots of joy, both of which came in my Birchbox a couple of months ago.

Lumene Fresh Skin Tint – this is so good for a very light natural coverage when I can’t be bothered to put foundation on. It’s super moisturising as well!

Mimitika factor 50 sunscreen – I have VERY sensitive skin and my face sometimes does not like the sun, no matter how hot or cold. So putting this on (after foundation) keeps my skin protected and it doesn’t irritate my skin which normal body suncream does.

So that rounds up my beauty favourites right now including my very treasured lipsticks ❤️💋.
I’m going to have to come up with a plan on how to wear lipsticks through a mask. I might even have to come into my office extra early each day just to put on my lipstick in the bathroom – now that’s lipstick dedication girls!

So if you’re feeling a bit bored and need some inspiration, maybe today is the day to go through your make up bag and play around with different eyeshadows and lipsticks. You can also go check out my friend Issy (@eyesbyiz) on Instagram for her incredible eye designs, talk about upping the eyeshadow game! I have GOT TO try the purple and yellow flower design this weekend 😍

Lots of love girls and stay safe out there 😘

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