Baggy Pants are All That Fit Me Right Now!

Hi girls,
Another Saturday, another week in lockdown. How are we all doing today?
Last week I mentioned that I was having a bit of a down week. I was struggling to find motivation to get out of bed or shower (went days with greasy hair – EW) and wasn’t sleeping very well; often going to bed by having a little cry and having horrible dreams.
Well this week I am feeling much more alive, I went on a huge run yesterday and really pushed myself, it felt amazing. The only downer this week is that my chin seems to have gained some rather red angry friends (damn you spots) and I don’t know why. I am not ‘due on’ which is when I normally gain a few. I’m assuming it’s stress related which it often is when it comes to spots, thanks to a little thing called cortisol (damn you too). But I read a Vogue article this week on their website that lots of people are struggling with their skin at the moment, so that makes me feel a little better. The levels of uncertainty, new way of living that we’re still figuring out, money worries and everything else that is going on right now means our stress levels are through the roof at times which is why our skin is breaking out.
I’m no expert on recommending skincare and I don’t want to give you false info but my go to saviour brand for my extremely sensitive skin is La Roche Porsay which is easily affordable and sold in Boots (do I need to mention that this is NOT an ad?). Someone recommended it to me last Summer when I was on holiday. I woke up one morning to a painful horrible rash and lots of little spots all around my chin and my cheeks. I think it was too much sun and I tried everything to help soothe my face but nothing worked. Until, when I came back to the UK, bought La Roche Porsay Effaclar anti-blemish face wash, moisturiser and toner. They have this awesome feature on their website where you can scan your face and it will pick up any areas of concern and recommend which range of products you should buy.
But if you are struggling with your skin, don’t just go off what one person says, everybody is different and what might work for me might not work for you. Do your research girls! 😘

Anyway, this week I’ve been thinking more about my outfits and what to wear in the mornings. More so than at the beginning of lockdown when I was relishing in the fact I don’t have to think (or overthink) what to wear and can roll out of bed at 9 am and throw on any old thing. The novelty soon wore off and now I’m missing wearing clothes to go out of the house in, missing coordinating my lipstick and accessories to my outfit, missing wearing shoes (apart from slippers or Birkenstocks) and missing my handbags. First world problems huh.

Like I mentioned last week, I have been so good not to go on a spending spree in lockdown. Controversially, I actually hate online shopping, always have done (I know, who am I?!). I am a feeler (in a non creepy way) when it comes to clothes, I need the experience of the store and the joy of trying things on without having to buy them.
But if someone told me at the beginning of this year that we are going into lockdown then I would have planned ahead my ‘cool chic lockdown outfits’. Unfortunately, I was not informed and therefore my comfy clothes are not the latest tie dye joggers that everybody is talking about but some old vintage hippie pants that look like maternity pants that I bought in a sale for £5 many years ago. I haven’t got the latest Ganni bucket hat that is ‘perfect for doing some lockdown gardening’ but an old Adidas pink baseball cap to keep my face out of the sun, making me look like the 6th member of Spice Girls (I wish!). I have occasionally put on a dress when I feel I need to remind myself of what normal clothes look like and the fact I am a female (can be forgotten when wearing unflattering joggers and baggy t-shirts all day every day 😂). So I’m sorry Instagram but you won’t be getting any chic lockdown pictures from me.

Baggy pants are all that fits me right now! 😉
Can I be sporty spice?
and just like that she became a girl again!
All it took was a floral dress.

Another thing playing on my mind this week (sorry, this is turning into a bit of a rant post isn’t it 😂?) is the fact I am really enjoying my morning runs, I’m getting better each time and can run for much longer than at the beginning of lockdown. So that in itself is an achievement for sure.
However, I am also eating like a horse! 🐴 Since when do I NEED a 3pm snack every day! I’m eating out of boredom and I’ve got to reign it in. I was talking to friends the other day about this, one of which has been really focusing on getting fitter in lockdown and looks amazing (not that she didn’t before!). For me, where the walk to my office from the station is 20 minutes each way and I used to walk around at lunchtime, I am definitely NOT doing more exercise overall. It is hard to make up those steps that we’d normally do but I am focusing on going for a walk at the end of every day not only to clear my mind after working at my laptop but also to get those steps in. Thinking of it as my evening commute, but round a field instead of a crowded street in the city.
It will be very interesting when we come out of lockdown whether my normal clothes will fit me. I haven’t worn my many pairs of Levi’s jeans at all so that will be a surprise. It’ll be like a gender reveal party; ‘how much weight has she gained and will her jeans fit!’

So that’s the reality of me right now 😂
So whether you’re feeling fabulous and fit or frumpy and flabby, it doesn’t matter. Let’s not compare ourselves to each other on social media as that is not helping our stress levels or our skin right now.
What matters is that we’re alive, healthy and loved ❤️.

Lots of love to you all girls xxx

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