The Depths of True Vintage (AKA My Mum’s Wardrobe)

Hi girls,

How are we today? I’m so happy it’s bank holiday weekend! The weather is set to be sunny all weekend especially on Monday; 24 degrees apparently! I’ve been topping up my tan in the garden and for once in my life I’m actually looking rather brown.

So what else is new…
My new Topshop dress arrived this week, I absolutely love it! The print is just beautiful, pink OBVIOUSLY, and the fit is perfect, styled with my pink Converses. Topshop are really very good for midi patterned dresses, they had some fabulous ones last year as well.
I also ordered some new glasses, in the below picture, as I’ve been getting headaches recently from spending so much time looking at a screen. Working all day during the week on my work laptop but then I’m also staring at a screen all evening (because what else is there to do?). I’m still going for my evening ‘commute’ walk to rest my eyes from the screen and stretch my legs (I’m getting really bad restless legs as well over the past couple of weeks) but I decided to order some blue light glasses to help block the light from screens. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my energy and my eyes don’t feel as strained and stinging anymore in the evenings. These light pink frames were such good value from a UK brand called Teddith, they only cost me £20. Also, is it just me or does everyone just LOVE wearing glasses? I feel so studious and smart whenever I wear them haha.


This was my favourite Topshop dress from last year. It sold out at the beginning of last year and then they brought it back in new colours but they weren’t as good as the original print in my opinion.

So this week I delved into the real depths of true vintage, also known as my Mum’s wardrobe!
Back story… my boyfriend and I left London for calm beautiful Norfolk at the beginning of lockdown and are living in a cottage on the corner of my parent’s land that they usually rent out as a holiday let but is obviously sitting there empty. So we decided to move in rather than be in a flat share in London. We are very lucky that we get to do that and my heart goes out to people who are in tower blocks in cities up and down this country without any outside space. Fortunately, the government is now letting us go out to parks and for more than 1 exercise a day but for those weeks before that it must have been so tough for people.
Anyway, I packed my favourite comfy clothes back in March into a suitcase and a half and moved out. I miss the rest of my wardrobe (first world problems huh) and now that the weather is set for Summer I don’t actually have that many Summer clothes with me, it was still definitely cosy jumper weather when I moved up back in March! Hence why I’ve bought a couple of dresses and I’ve started digging into my Mum’s wardrobe as well.

My Mum’s wardrobe is about the size of my bedroom back in London and there’s some truly great pieces in there, some real special pieces going back to the 80s. The older I get the more I become aligned with my Mum’s style (which is not a bad thing). My Mum is a sucker for Anthropologie, Arket, Second Female and buys a lot from independent boutiques which I love. There’s something about a Mum’s wardrobe that always has luxurious fabrics like cashmere jumpers and silk dresses isn’t there? Whereas mine, albeit has a bit of wool, cashmere and silk, is mostly poly poly poly from the high-street (one day I’ll be able to afford my Mother’s wardrobe, dream big my parents always say to me haha).

So I had loads of fun the other day playing dress up in her wardrobe, mixing print and colours together and found some fantastic clothes, using the main staircase in my parent’s house for my backdrop…

Love these printed trousers clashing with this coral printed silk blouse. Using these orange Arket slip on shoes to tie it all together (I want a pair of slip on shoes like these; wardrobe stable).
This dress is definitely a bit of a me, from an independent brand called Second Female. Love it clashing with the orange flats again!
Well hello little 90s number! I found this in the dark depths of my Mum’s wardrobe, I just love it! This guy was right there partying at the 90s slip dress trend.


This dress is famous in my family. There’s a photograph in my Granny’s house of my Mum and Aunty in their 20s all dressed up for a Summer party. My Mum was wearing this AMAZING 80s sequin dress and has kept it all these years (still in good condition!). My Sister and I always loved that photograph and used to try on this dress when we were little girls. 


Always love a green and lilac combo. This wool/cashmere jumper is just yummy! I love the block shape as well.
Okay confession… These are actually pyjama bottoms! But dressed up with a smart collared shirt, it sort of works for a lounging weekend look. I love the coral/pink colour clash too.


You can definitely see where some of my fashion style comes from! Mum just has a way of looking effortlessly chic in everything, I think it’s those never ending legs of hers (always annoyed I didn’t inherit those!).
I might be borrowing Mum’s clothes more often now, I’m sure you’ll love that Mum when you read this!

Love you lots Mum… 67488048_2856629074352425_6274057869167951872_n69259152_2925890354092963_3633732457733292032_n64908919_2276300795965685_5431808550424805376_n10350527_10201661277928571_3787030780350389003_n

Lots of love to you girls and your beautiful stylish Mums xxx

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