The Best Comfy Summer Dresses For Right Now

Hi girls,
So, you might have seen on my Instagram stories recently that I talked about doing a weekly Wednesday blog post about fashion trends, news and the best buys out there right now as a little extra to my usual weekly Saturday post about anything us girls chat about. So here it is!

With the amazing weather we’ve had in the UK over the past couple of weeks it’s probably time we put away our thick comfy joggers and get out our favourite comfy dresses. Comfort being the main factor obviously!
I’ve definitely been wearing floaty comfy dresses (to hide how much food I’ve eaten in lockdown!) for staying at home…

The good news is that there are so many amazing, gorgeous Summer dresses on the high street right now.
I’m not a huge advocate for fast fashion (as you may already know from previous posts) and I have a kind of hatred for badly made garments and horrendously cheap scratchy fabrics (you know the kind I mean; we’ve all had them in our wardrobe from time to time). But you can find some really great affordable styles on the high street without compromising too much on the fabric.
My go to’s are H&M who not only have their ‘Conscious’ range but are also great at doing cotton basics. Topshop who often get it right in terms of ‘silky feeling polyester’ (not exactly luxurious but we’re not all millionaires unfortunately), Arket and & Other Stories who, I mean, need I say more? They are just KILLING IT over the past couple of years.

Mostly, I feel you can never really go wrong with cotton. I find it’s always safest when buying online (sometimes buying affordable online can go completely tits up and you end up with something that looks NOTHING like what you ordered, again we’ve ALL been there) and cotton is such a great fabric for the Summer as it’s breathable and can withstand heat, among lots of other properties but hey I’m not your GCSE textiles teacher!

So these are my favourite comfy summer dresses for right now (click on each picture to go through to the brands’ website)…

I love this 100% cotton dress from H&M. You can definitely eat ALL the ice creams in this one!
You know me; got to have pink featured somewhere! I absolutely love this colour and with a pair of gladiator sandals (or slippers for lockdown) it will just look effortlessly cool. Again 100% cotton which is just fab.
This colour is just amazing! A simple pair of trainers or sandals and this outfit is good to go… around the garden or balcony (sorry girls, not quite just yet). I would totally colour clash this with my new pink converses but that’s just me.
I am obsessed with orange at the moment and this throw on dress means you can be super comfy and stylish in less than 5 minutes. Perfect for rolling out of bed 5 minutes before your morning Zoom meeting!
Carousel Image 0
I so wanted to buy this amazing printed dress, doesn’t that pattern just make you happy, it does me! But only size 6 is available right now so if you’re a size 6 then go get ’em! Topshop regularly bring back sizes so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more stock.
The ULTIMATE lounging around the house dress. It will also get you day dreaming about Summer holidays (even if we can’t go on any yet) in this almost hypnotising ocean looking print.
Lilac is a HUGE trend for SS20 and this voluminous frill maxi dress is just stunning.
Carousel Image 0
Had to put my new dress in here! (from 2nd photo at the beginning). I absolutely adore this dress and have worn it almost every day since. It’s so comfy and the print just makes me smile and want to dance around in my back garden every time.
This gorgeous linen blend dress from & Other Stories is perfect for lounging around at home/walking around the park on our ‘daily exercise’. It’s a bit more expensive at £95 but you’re investing in a fabric that lasts.
This cotton 70s inspired printed dress has me written all over it from Arket! I’ve got this one currently on my never ending wish list.
Can’t go wrong with a pretty light blue colour in clothing. Puff sleeves are also a huge yes this season among the fashion elite.
This is in organic cotton as well which is a fab bonus!
Contrast Seam Shirt Dress, Ivory
Love this cotton/linen mix shirt dress in this easy relaxed shape.
It’s from a new brand I’ve discovered recently called Olive who have a similar vibe to uber cool UK brand Toast but just a bit more affordable. Go check them out.
This is THE perfect sun dress for topping up our tans in the garden, balcony or park. I love the ditsy floral print as well.
Love this Urban Renewal (part of Urban Outfitters) vintage inspired ditsy print dress.

FYI Topshop has 30% off dresses at the moment so if you are going to buy one from them then now’s the time (this is so NOT an ad FYI).

So this has totally got me excited for Summer and FINGERS CROSSED girls that life can go a little bit back to normal by then!

Lots of love xxx

Ps, I hope you liked this week’s first mid-week fashion trends, buys & news post! If you have any ideas about what you want to see, maybe you’re looking for the BEST pair of denim shorts to invest in right now for example, then please let me know and I’ll do the scouring of online brands for you (I know I’m so kind).
I know, personally, that I love reading articles, magazines and blogs that have brought together pieces from lots of different brands onto one visual page. It’s just so much easier to look at and visually quite exciting; it feels like shopping without actually GOING shopping!

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