Self Care Saturday

Hey girls,
this post is coming to you a little later than usual today. I’ve had a bit of self care morning as i’m not feeling fantastic as mentioned on my Instagram stories this week. My period is just really taking it’s toll on me. My hormones are crazier than ever for some reason, I am constantly hungry, Feeling on edge and anxious all the time and my skin is not looking particularly great either with blemishes that keep appearing on my chin every morning which also has an affect on how I’m feeling.
After putting it on my stories, I got an amazing reaction from so many of you saying you have been suffering the same this week. We are never alone when Mother Nature comes knocking! I think it also doesn’t help with the uncertain times in which we currently live in, our worries and anxiousness are definitely heightened as a result.

So I decided I needed a bit of a self care morning. I woke up late and drank coffee in bed while watching The Princess Diaries 2 (become a little bit obsessed with Princesses of late, I watched Cinderella last night haha!). Then had a shower, washed my hair and gave my locks, skin and body a bit of a TLC moment with my favourite tunes playing in the background.

First off, hair, I absolutely love Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food. I’m using the Banana & Shea one at the moment but have used others in this range as well. Just the smell alone is worth shouting about! But the way it nourishes my hair is unbelievable, My hair can get quite dry (I nervously play with it a lot; anxiousness again) but this mask saves it and brings it back to life. It’s also so cheap!

After washing and attending to my hair, I gave my skin some love and attention which is looking very sorry for itself as I mentioned. My skin is very sensitive anyway and I have to be so careful with what products I use. I’ve mentioned this on the blog before but anything with vitamin C in it causes havoc on my skin. But I decided to give Sand & Sky a go with their Australian Pink Clay mask which arrived in my Birchbox yesterday. I’ve seen so many people rave about this brand so we’ll see how it works for me. I did feel like my pores were instantly smaller and tighter after washing off.

My skin is also extremely sensitive to the sun and with the weather warming up I’ve been using more of my absolute essential brand for skin care; La Roche-Porsay. I mentioned them on the blog the other week and I cannot talk about them enough. The range I use is Effaclar, it’s extremely gentle and soothing on my skin that suffers with blemishes. I’ve also been using their face sun cream called Anthelios XL with SPF 50 which is also an absolute winner.

Then another new product I’ve been using recently on my skin is The Ordinary Caffeine Solution under eye care for reducing the appearance of baggy dark under eyes which I’ve noticed have become more prominent since lock down. After just a week I saw a fantastic difference and I’ve even stopped putting concealer under my eyes anymore. It’s also mega cheap at around £6, total bargain.

Then for a finishing touch, I put on one of my favourite orange lipsticks from Nars to cheer me up. You know how much I love my lipsticks girls, go check out my other beauty posts to read more on them.

Then the final step in my self care Saturday, I completely doused myself in my absolute favourite body lotion; Chanel No. 5. It smells so heavenly and lasts all day. I get a whiff every now and then throughout the day whenever I wear it and think who smells so good then realise it’s coming from me! It also reminds me of being a child and receiving hugs (soppy I know) as both my Mum and Granny always wore Chanel No. 5 when I was little, and often still do now.

So I’m now going to go sit in the sun for a bit (with lot’s of sun cream on obviously) and read some of the fashion magazines I bought this week as well the book I am reading called Educated by Tara Westover which is an international bestseller so should be good (I’m only a couple of chapters in). Maybe I’ll get a cheeky Aperol Spritz to join me also.
Disclaimer: I have got things I need to do today like clean the house and go out in the car but they can wait until later this afternoon as I want to maximise the amazing weather and enjoy the sunshine while I still can.

So if you’re feeling a bit down, having a difficult week or whatever, don’t forget to give yourself that bit of self care loving because (you’re worth it? No to cheesy) well because we’ve all got to take care of ourselves girls!

Lots of love to you all and take care xxx

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