Finding the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts

Hi girls,

Wednesday again! How are we all? I hope you’ve been able to see some of your family & friends this week since the lock down eased slightly to allow up to 6 people to see each other outside.
My boyfriend and I are heading into London today for work which is exciting; a change of scenery and breaks up the same stay at home weeks a bit. I’m also looking forward to swapping some of my Winter clothes that I came up to Norfolk in (when we decided to lock down with my family rather than in our London flat) for some Summer clothes. I’ve been coping with only a handful of Summer dresses and a lot of my mum’s hand-me-downs (which is not a bad thing!).

Anyway, one thing I’ve been adding to my wish list recently is a pair of denim shorts. A staple in any wardrobe really but unfortunately my favourite denim vintage Levi’s (which I actually bought in Australia randomly) shrunk in the wash and are going to need to go the charity shop or my younger sister.

I struggle with denim shorts SO much and have hardly ever found a good fitting pair (apart from these vintage ones, so gutted!). I find a lot of denim shorts really gaping at the back and just don’t sit well on me (big hips and short legs kind of problem).
High rise shorts work better for me than mid or low rise (same as denim really) so it’s always best to know what rise you want/works for you before you shop.
The other issue I find is that they are SO short and I end up pulling them down all the time for fear of a bum cheek peering out to the poor stranger behind me walking down the street. There’s nothing worse than walking somewhere in the city and having to subtly graze over your bum with your hand to quickly check that you’re not flashing (been there, done that).

I particularly struggle with H&M (who I normally rave about when it comes to high street) but when it comes to shorts and trousers; something about their fit just doesn’t work for my body shape.
I don’t like Zara full stop and don’t particularly get on with Urban Outfitters denim either but that’s just me.
Topshop has been quite a success for me in denim and shorts in the past and they always have a good variety of shapes and sizes for my larger than life bum and hips.

Which brings me to my next point; sizing. I can be a size 10 in shorts in one shop to a size 16 in another (no exaggeration). Sizing is such a load of bull****. So never pay attention to what size you are trying on that is the advice I try and give myself. I’ve totally been there, in a small, stuffy, sauna like temperature (what IS it with Topshop Oxford Circus being so boiling hot!) fitting room and that disheartened moment when you realise that not even the size 14 in this store is going to get over my bum. It’s a disheartening moment but there is a perfect short out there for all of us!

So I’ve been thinking about getting a pair for the Summer and have done some internet scouring to find the best out there right now (that don’t force your left bum cheek out to say hello to those behind you)…

*click on the picture to go through to the website to buy.

Levi’s mid thigh denim shorts on Anthropologie website.
I love the length on these, a bit more flattering and has a cooler laid back vibe than the ol’ hot pants early 2000s trend.
I love this shape of shorts from Mango.
I haven’t tried Mango for many years but they are getting a lot of press at the minute for their great Summer collection and these are no exception.
They also come in this gorgeous darker indigo colour which I love. Makes them look more designer like.
Also HELLO cowboy boots. Love this whole outfit actually.
Love this boxy shape from Independent brand Olive who I am increasingly liking.
Love the wash on these shorts from Arket.
This brand is particularly good for cotton so I would imagine denim from here would be to a good standard (not actually tried yet myself).
These are from H&M and I’ve never had paper bag ones before so I’d have to see how they’d fit.
But I love the shape of them and this raw cream colour is also a bit different which I love.
These are actually Tommy Jeans sold through Topshop.
Again I just love the shape and wash on these. Not too short either.

I’ve really struggled to find any on my favourite vintage online stores. Denim is definitely more of a try-on-in-store kind of purchase just because the fit is so tricky.

I saved this screenshot from dresslikeamum’s Instagram as this is the sort of shorts shape I am looking for; boyfriend/relaxed fit, indigo denim and mid thigh length.
Adore this whole look actually.

But for all the high street I’ve saved on here – I didn’t particularly like any on & Other Stories (all very short) and I don’t want to pay designer price – you really can’t go wrong with vintage Levis. That’s IF you can find the right pair in your size in a vintage shop.

Here’s hoping I find another gold mine of a pair of denim shorts in one of my favourite vintage shops when the shops hopefully open later this month (fingers crossed!).

Have a good Wednesday girls and the rest of this working week. It’ll be the weekend again before we know it. see you then! xxx

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