Goodbye Flat Sharing!

Hi girls,
happy Saturday, hope you’ve had a productive week?

This week it has felt like we may be coming towards the end of lock down and we’re getting glimmers of hope. Retail is set to reopen their beautiful doors on Monday which will be really interesting with pubs and restaurants with outside space potentially allowed to open from 4th July. It’s going to be a whole new world out there and we’re going to have to navigate the ‘new normal’ which might be even trickier to do than lock down, it’ll take time but we’ll figure it out together.

So what’s been going on this week, well it’s been another week of reading, learning, listening and talking about diversity and being inclusive. Particularly in fashion, in the area I work in, there’s discussions and actions being taken this week and even though everyone is back to posting their usual content on social media, I hope that this won’t be forgotten again ❤

So I wanted to share with you this week some exciting news that I haven’t mentioned yet (apart from some close friends who might be reading this) that my boyfriend and I have handed in our notice in our flat share and are looking to move into a 1 bedroom apartment next month!
It’s very exciting as I have been living in a flat share for the 8 years I’ve been in London and it’s felt a very long time coming in being able to afford to NOT flat share.

I’ve spoken about this on my blog before, about the reality of living in London or any big city for that matter. It’s not easy and it feels like you’re never going to be able to afford a place of your own (my boyfriend and I still can’t afford to buy). But being able to rent a 1 bedroom and live on our own feels like a very satisfying step in the right direction or a step towards one day owning our own home. It’s a far away dream for a lot of young adults in their 20s and their 30s and it takes long time but it will happen.

So we are both very excited to find somewhere and make it our own. It’s hard to make a home in a flat share with a communal living area and kitchen and although we both love homewear we’ve not ever really bought anything (apart from an IKEA bookcase – the infamous moving in with your other half moment).

Sam and I moved in together 3 years ago in a 3 bedroom flat share. It was an easy way of moving in without the pressure of living together just on our own and it worked well. But we’re getting to the point of needing our own space and our own home. Being a couple in a flat share does have it’s challenges. When you come home from work for example and want to make dinner with your other half and chat about your day, you have to chat to your other flat mates as well and sometimes never really get alone time together until it’s bed time.

So I’ve been turning to homewear (I’ve told myself I’m not allowed to buy anything until we’ve moved in!) and spending a lot of my spare time saving pins on Pinterest and Instagram.

We both love bohemian style when it comes to interiors with mis matching decor and antiques mixed with a bit of modern. We should have lived in the 70s with our love for bright velvet sofas, antiques and record players!

So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite looks that I’ve saved down as inspiration this week…

Absolutely adore this colour combo. The carpet with the purple sofa is so dreamy.
Gorgeous green velvet sofa. Love this entire look.
Love this vintage Orla Kiely chair and antique side table.
We’re looking at getting a place with a small balcony. I just love this cosy corner with plants.
Looking to get a drinks cabinet, how awesome is this one!
Such a neat idea for housing all our plants inside the flat.
We all know how much I love a colour clash and this beautiful bedding is no exception. I love the bed frame and side table as well.
Another bit of green velvet. Love this seat at the bottom of the bed.

So watch this space for more home content from me as we look to make a house a home (well a flat, we are in London after all).

Lots of love girls xxxx

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