A Colour Clash Special

Hi girls,
Happy Sunday! Sorry this is coming to you a little late, I was having major wifi problems yesterday.

So what’s everyone been up to this week?
It was Royal Ascot this week and I thoroughly enjoyed getting all dressed up to watch the racing on a TV screen outside in my parent’s garden. It felt good to spend time getting ready for a ‘social occasion’ – a sense of normality again.

Then the other big thing that happened in the past week was that my boyfriend and I found a flat! After writing about it on last weekend’s blog post, we found one last Saturday and fell in love with it.
It’s in the right area with a balcony and the most amazing view across London; it’s on the 16th floor which is nuts! The living room itself is quite small so we’ve got to be clever with furniture but it’s got a big utility cupboard for storing lots of annoying things like suitcases. In the bedroom there’s 2 floor to ceiling wardrobes which is the most important thing – a couple that both work in the fashion industry, you can imagine how big our wardrobes are!

So if you know me from Instagram then you’ll know that I am bright colourful clashing outfit kind of gal. I love playing around with all sorts of colours in my wardrobe and having fun with new outfits I can come up with. I regularly do this in my wardrobe on a weekend with some good music on in the background (normally when I’m meant to be cleaning but got distracted, whoops!). It helps remind me what I have in my wardrobe rather than always going out and buying new things which I try and be conscious about.

So I was doing the same yesterday and thought I’d share with you my favourite all time bright, colourful colour clashes and do a bit of a ‘how to’…

The Orange Series

This one is probably my favourite clash, a pink print with a bright orange cardigan.
This orange and pink jumper speaks for itself! But I love it mixed with this Kelly green dress for those colder Summer days and nights.
Love these bright colours together. Accessories can work as a colour clash too.

The Lilac Series

My favourite fuschia pink cord shirt with my favourite lilac jeans, a fab colour clash!
Just love these colours together 😍
Lilac and red colour clash
An easier lilac and red colour clash. Using matching accessories like earrings or a headband can help bring the outfit together.
Orange and lilac, mixing print and texture as well
Yellow and lilac
Use neutral coloured shoes to offset the bright outfit.

The Green Series

Green utility jumpsuit with a throw on cardigan.
Green and lilac with orange lipstick and the same orange featured on my trainers. Sometimes it’s the small hint of colour on an outfit/print that works.

So if you’re a little bored this Sunday (looking out my window at the grey rainy day so far this morning) then stick on your favourite music and have a little fun in your wardrobes, playing around with colour and mixing prints and see what you can come up with, you may find your new favourite outfit for going to Tesco 😉

Lots of love girls xxxx

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