Hi girls,

I’m back! I’ve been a bit silent on here for a week as it was my birthday (thank you to everyone involved) and I was spending time with my family before my boyfriend and I moved back into our London flat from Norfolk.

This week I wanted to share with you what I’ve been buying recently (been on a little post birthday shopping spree) and some other bits I am loving right now. It feels so good to be able to go into the shops again.
Last week I had a lovely Saturday out shopping with my Mum and even though we couldn’t stop for a coffee and some lunch, I needed that sense of normality returning, of what life was like pre-lockdown.

Even the pubs and restaurants are opening today with what we’re calling ‘Super Saturday’. How are we feeling about it all? Well from going back into the office 3 days this week and getting multiple buses twice a day, seeing packed buses and empty buses, seeing too many people NOT wearing a mask, I really do have mixed feelings about it all.
The other evening I was commuting home and this man got on the bus without wearing a mask and sat down next to me (I was wearing a mask) when there were plenty of spare seats on the bus. I sort of panicked and tried to move but couldn’t do so without getting too close to lots of people. So I sat on the very edge of my seat with my face up against the window, turned away from the man next to me, and counted down the stops until I could get off the bus. We’re just not used to people anymore are we?
But at the same time, like I said, I am so desperate for a bit of my normal life to return, to go to a cocktail bar at the weekend with friends. Go to a pub on a Sunday for a roast. Just having a social life again! So much so, that I probably will be going to the pub this weekend. If people are getting on flights now (I watched on the news a packed Ryanair flight taking off this week) then what difference is it really?
It is scary that parts of Leicester went back into lockdown this week due to a spike and that is constantly in the back of my mind. However, I’m not a scientist or in no way an expert so if the pubs are open and don’t forget they are desperate for business then I’d like to support them if I can.

So onto what I have been buying recently and what am I loving in the shops right now. I had been wanting to go to H&M for weeks because I keep seeing advertised and people wearing it on Instagram, the most amazing pink puff sleeved dress. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… H&M are KILLING IT right now! Their 100% cotton easy floaty dresses in gorgeous shapes and colours are just ideal. So comfy and so effortlessly stylish. I cannot actually believe that this pink number was £19.99! I got a very similar one in white as well.
(all pictures have links to the website)

I cannot see my pink one online anymore so they must have sold out on their website but there’s a very similar one but shorter that I also had my eye on…

I also got this gorgeous orange one which I am going to wear lots when the weather warms up again. It’s the perfect comfy dress for when it’s sweltering hot in London, this one was £39.99 so a bit more expensive but the quality is great for the high-street. With trainers or sandals, and a colour clashing bright bag, it’s going to be great! Keep your eyes pealed to see this guy styled up on my Instagram page.

H&M can be a bit hit or miss with fabrics, for me their 100% cotton just ticks all the boxes but their synthetic fabrics I struggle with. Having been in their store I’ve pulled together some of my other favourite dresses they are selling right now that ticks those boxes of good quality and good value for money (all 100% cotton)…

Cotton dress - Cream - | H&M GB 2
The colour would for me wash me out but I love the shape and details on this one.
Cotton-blend maxi dress - Dark blue/Landscape - Ladies | H&M GB
My mum bought the matching blouse and skirt to this dress. The print is lovely and and the quality is superb.
I almost bought this one as the ditsy floral print is just so cute!
But I had to restrain myself as I can’t buy ALL their cotton dresses, tempting as that is.
A more modern way to do leopard print in this gorgeous bold green dress.

So aside from H&M, I also went to my local department store in my hometown called Jarrolds. They sell a lot of well known brands (designer and high-street) and I stumbled across the United Colours of Benetton section. This is not a brand I normally go to or even think about much but they have got some great pieces right now; sale and full price! It’s definitely a brand I will start looking at more next time I’m shopping.

Absolutely love this crisp white shirt with the red embroidery detailing.
Also featuring my new Birkenstocks in lilac, a fab birthday present!
I wore this one this week with these lilac jeans, really feeling this look.
Also, another pair of shoes for my birthday! Absolutely in love with these mint ones from a brand called United Nude.

I put some other sale bits from United Colours of Benetton that I’m loving on my Instagram stories this week so go check out my Shopping List highlight on my page for more.

Then finally (I’m not allowed to BUY anything else now) I walked past GAP this week for the first time and saw the pink cotton jumpsuit that I keep looking at online. So bit of a back story, I saw an expensive pink relaxed linen jumpsuit from a designer brand several months ago and ever since couldn’t get it out of my head. I can’t afford it but several times googled ‘pink jumpsuits’ on Google shopping hoping there’ll be a similar one I can afford. This is where I found the GAP one but again, as not usually a customer of theirs, I was nervous to buy online and then have to go through the faff of returning it. So when I saw it in the store this week, one left and in my size AND with 40% off, I just knew it was fate, right?

So that’s it on the shopping front from me. I’ve got to be good and not buy anything else for a bit as I’ve had lots of lovely new things recently (presents to myself as well as birthday gifts) and I need to enjoy them rather than constantly wanting more (which I am definitely guilty of doing). That doesn’t mean I will stop sharing things I love on Instagram and adding to my Shopping List highlight though!

Have a good weekend girls, whether you’re venturing to the pub or deciding to stay in, stay safe out there and lots of love xxx

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