Living on Cloud 9

Hey girls,
How are we doing on this very sunny Sunday morning? I am so glad the good weather is returning, I feel like we all need it to keep going right now after a rather stressful year so far.

So if you saw my Instagram stories yesterday then you’ll know that my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment yesterday! We are so excited, elated and feel like we’re on cloud 9 (not only because we’re living very high up!).
So I thought I’d tell you all about it and do a little home dedicated inspiration weekend post.

So, background story, my boyfriend and I have been living in a flat share for the last 3 years (I had lived there for 3 years before that as well) and we were getting rather tired of being a couple in a flat share. It’s difficult after a while and we just needed our own space.
As mentioned before, it’s not easy in London, rent is SO expensive and majority of people don’t earn enough in their 20s to be able to rent on their own (stuff the 20s even the 30s people struggle!). So we’ve saved up, worked hard and FINALLY able to live on our own, it’s been a long time coming and at times felt like a far away dream/goal.

So, about our new area, we decided to move to the Royal Arsenal development in Woolwich which is right by the river Thames. We’ve gone from being NW kids to the new SE kids on the block! I love exploring new areas of London and going on adventures and I can’t wait to explore our new local and surrounding areas here; Greenwich, Blackheath, walks along the Thames etc.

So yesterday we dragged a lot of stuff into the lifts and up to the 16th floor. The views are what really sold it for us with this flat but also everything is brand new and so modern as well which is different to any other flat we’ve lived in before. It’s got that sort of New York Manhattan vibe to it which I just think is super cool.
So apologies for the spam photos of the view, but we just can’t stop staring at it! It’s just so amazing to see the central London skyline and the river, every time I stare out at it I find something new on the horizon – yesterday I located the London Eye!

We need to figure out where everything is going, We’ve got bookcases to bring in still and need to figure out how to utilize the space as best we can; it is a cute little 1 bedroom after all. We’re going to Marie Kondo all up in here and do a big clear out of our old place as well. When you’re packing things up you realise how much stuff you accumulate. It actually made me slightly angry that I have spent so much money on so much crap! So I vow to really enjoy what I have already and not constantly want the next big thing. To be happy with the clothes I’ve got (sure that won’t last, clothes might have to be an exception LOL) but also the amount of beauty and make up I own, the amount of random things that I bought on a whim thinking I’ll start a new hobby etc. It’s disgusting in a way when a lot of people don’t have anything. So from today, that is my new mantra. Let’s see how long it lasts…

One thing we are going to need to get is some new furniture, home decor and storage solutions as we haven’t really invested in anything like that from being in a flat share and this place needs some personality adding to it. We want to put some prints on the walls (all hail command strips) and fill the apartment with lots of plants, We need a mirror (currently bidding for a big one on Ebay) and other bits and bobs. We have both said we want to try and not buy new things but buy antiques, vintage and second hand items which will look great against the modern design of the building.

One thing I did buy already that Sam has been begging me to purchase for 3 years, is a little bed side lamp (so that he doesn’t have to be the one to turn the light off each night). A lot of them were so uncharacteristic and like my wardrobe I like bright, quirky and unusual so I found this cute little pink base and heart shaped light from Oliver Bonas this week which I just love.

Below are some other recent screenshot saves of things I like, mostly on independent websites like Trouva but with a bit of Arket and Anthropologie thrown in there. We’re going to go antique hunting at some point as well (probably with my Mum and Granny who’s favourite weekend hobby is just that). So I’ll keep you updated with the antiques that we may find over the next few months.


I was super tempted with this pineapple lamp. It’s absolutely nuts but I love it!
These colours are just gorgeous and with some beautiful flowers in, they’ll really bright up the space.
I think these rainbow little vases are amazing!


Arket is so good for homeware and this little neon green vase is no exception.
I have wanted one of these fish glug jugs for ages!
Such a cute little bowl
Amazing colour


This would be perfect for small kitchens like ours.
We’re after a bright colourful rug for the living room and this one is on my wishlist for sure. I love the colours and the faded out worn aspect, it’s got that Boho feel we love.


Another beautiful vase

and some more recent Pinterest saves as well for some home inspiration…

Loving the colour combos here
Pink sofa dream! Love the big plants as well.
Major wall art inspiration!
Loving this bath mat, adds some colour to a plain bathroom.
Definitely going to get one of those reading bridges for across the bath for the ultimate relaxing bath time – high priority in my world. I also love the side table set up.
This sofa is amazing and perfect for small spaces if don’t have room for a big sofa. Do we get the cute fluffy dog too?
Loving the colour combos on this one, the mixture of dark and bright works so well.

So that’s it, I hope you enjoy my home inspiration so far and over the next few months (and years even) you can journey with me to slowly building up our bright, quirky forever home, just the two of us ❤

Have a good Sunday everyone!


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