Shirt Obsessed

Hi girls,

I’m back! (Again)

It’s been a rather hectic few weeks moving back down to London after being in lockdown, then moving house the last couple of weeks as well.
Last weekend was probably one of the hardest in my entire life (not being dramatic). Between 3 of us (managed to rope a friend in to help, poor guy) we lugged bookcases, a 6ft mirror, sofa, chairs, tables and all our possessions into lorry, out of lorry, into lift, out of lift and into our new flat. No joke, my body has been aching all week and I think my back is ruined for life!
But we are now fully in our new flat in SE London and loving it (sorry for the many many photos of the view from our new balcony on my Insta stories!)

now that my wardrobe is finally all away, back together and reunited with one another, I thought I’d do a my wardrobe weekend post dedicated to shirt outfits.

As you know from my Instagram, I have LIVED in long floaty puff sleeve dresses so far this Summer (thank you H&M) but aside from those, the other thing I am loving at the moment is shirts.

I have previously been mostly a t-shirt kinda girl I am definitely developing a love for shirts. They seem to be making a bit of comeback/becoming a key trend for AW20. Spotted on the high-street already over the last couple of months, H&M, Zara and Mango have brought out white crisp shirts with oversized collars. Bloggers are going crazy for them and new emerging brands have blossomed like La Veste, a small Spanish designer brand, selling out of their beautiful gingham shirts with frill collars (I am obsessed) – definitely check them out online at

I bought a couple in the sale last month from United Colours of Benetton which I’ve already posted about, but I’m also rediscovering ones in my wardrobe that I’ve not worn in a while.
So I’ve done a bit of trying on session and thought I’d show you my ways in which to wear shirts right now…

I love this oversized pink shirt that I picked up in a vintage shop a couple of years ago for £5.
Rediscovering these white cigarette trousers as well from Massimo Dutti. Hardly ever worn these but I am definitely digging this look on a cooler Summers day.
Love this little spotty blouse with the huge oversized collar.
Colour clashing in red and pink of course.
United Colours of Benetton shirt No.1
A real crisp white shirt with gorgeous red embroidery.
Thrown on with some old vintage baggy boyfriend jeans that I bought many moons ago.
Such an effortless look.
Love this very frilly bright blouse from Anthropologie (this season).
I just love the colours on this one.
Clashed with lilac jeans or classic denim.
Love a clashing print outfit.
These dungarees are SO old from Topshop, I don’t wear them much as they are just so scruffy. But with sandals and a crisp white shirt it smartens the whole outfit.
I’d totally leave the house in this for sure.
United Colours of Benetton shirt No.2
Again, beautiful embroidery, love the colours and just so easy to wear different ways, picking out different colours.
Living my Jessie from Toy story childhood.
Definitely feeling this cowboy inspired look.
Shirts aren’t just for trousers!
Love it with this skirt and my sequin converses when going into Autumn.

A bit premature but I can really feel these working into Autumn and with a jumper on too and the collar out on top so watch this space.

Side note, I went into Central London yesterday and popped into a couple of shops (didn’t buy anything as I am on a shopping ban) but took a couple of pictures of some of the new season product coming through as well as a couple of favourite sale bits…

Front of store at & Other Stories, love this oversized lace collar tucked into a skirt.
With a pair of cowboy boots come Autumn, I love this look.
So tempted with one of these bright shirts from Arket in the sale. But I resisted (so proud of myself). They are bloody gorgeous though! Would look fab with a pair of jeans.
OMG I fell in love with these lilac boyfriend jeans from Arket. Currently 50% off for only £30!
I didn’t buy as I don’t need another pair of lilac jeans (think my boyfriend would have killed me) but if you are in the market girls…
I need someone to buy them as they are just so fab!
Arket new season, love this neon pink shirt with black leather wide leg trousers for Autumn/Winter.

Lots of love girls xxxx

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