Dungarees Are Back!

Hi girls,
happy Saturday! SO pleased it’s the weekend, I’ve had a rather crazy busy week work wise and I feel like I just want to sleep and watch movies in bed all weekend. It doesn’t help that I’m on my period and I’m just having one of those very sluggish and always hungry, moody or tired weeks (my poor boyfriend 🤭).
I hope you are all doing okay!

So dungarees, yes they are back and once again we can thank Alexa Chung who wore a pair towards the beginning of lockdown and casually popped it on her Instagram.
I feel like they’ve been AWOL for a few years after the huge trend maybe about 4 years ago? I remember in my office, all us girls were coming into work wearing dungarees but I don’t see it as much now. But it feels like they are coming back this year with a new friend; the shirt.

If you read my blog post last weekend then you’ll know that I’m currently obsessed with shirts. Embroidered shirts, crisp white shirts, frilly blouses, huge collars etc – all set to be a big trend for AW and next year and I am all for it.
Last week when I was putting together shirt outfits in my wardrobe, I pulled out my old dungarees which I currently only wear round the house or when I was moving house a few weeks back – they are my builder dungarees 😂. I wanted to try them on with a shirt but it just made me realise that they seriously don’t fit properly. The waistband is all wrong, they’ve got a skinny leg which is just so unflattering and they look knackered (I had bought them from Topshop about 4 years ago?).
So this week when I was in Shoreditch I thought I’d just pop into one of my all time favourite vintage stores, Here After on Brick Lane, to see if they had any good dungarees – vintage is great for denim I find.
I wanted a relaxed, oversized pair with a wide leg and…. drum roll please…. I found the perfect pair!

They are vintage Calvin Klein 90s denim, they are big for me but it’s the way I wanted the look to be (plus also more room for food!😉).
I also did that classic thing in shops of ‘oh I’ll just pick up a random top to try it on with it but I won’t get it’… tries it on and…. ‘oh wow it’s perfect, I mean I’ll have to get it also!’. So yes I bought the gorgeous linen embroidered white blouse as well, whoops!

I am really feeling this look and I almost can’t wait for the weather to stop being so baking hot (sorry to say) so that I can wear this outfit. With a pair of sandals, loafers or heels (needs to be a smarter shoe so as not to have stepped directly out of the 90s) it’s a more elevated way of wearing them without feeling scruffy.

I also have my Levis cord dungarees that I bought at the beginning of this year which I love with a cream blouse, I will definitely be wearing these in Winter as well – a dungaree ‘for every occasion’ 😉.

So I’ve pulled together some of my favourite dungaree outfits from Pinterest for a bit of inspiration as well…

A classic white frilled blouse and indigo dungarees, just love.
I absolutely adore this pink relaxed pair (obviously) from Lucy and Yak
Another fab boho look
Smartening up dungarees with a blouse and flats – yes Fearne!
Now that’s a new way to wear them, definitely saving this for Winter and I love it with the boots.
This was quite recent, Summer city style done perfectly by Alexa Chung
A more classic 90s look with oversized dungarees, looks fab on Rita Ora
These Ganni white dungarees are amazing.

So it’s time to dig out those old dungarees and start wearing them out the house, because dungarees are back and I am all for it! (Thank you Alexa Chung).

Lots of love girls xxxx

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