Heatwave Madness

Hi girls,
happy Saturday!

Is anyone else a little bit happy that the heatwave has ended? Have you been coping in the heat? I don’t want to be a negative Nancy but I was really starting to struggle towards the end of this week. I’m all for a hot Summer’s day but in London with that much humidity, eww.

There’s only so many clothes you can wear in a heatwave without becoming some sort of melting popsicle. I was basically living in the lightest barely covering anything clothing I owned (which living in the UK isn’t a lot), I was really having to be inventive of what to wear that will not making me sweat quite as much (shout out to the postman who I opened the door to the other day in my bikini, I’m terribly sorry). It also made me realise that I don’t actually own any strappy tops or camis, I must have thrown some old ones out when moving and basically only have some t-shirts now so I bought a couple of easy H&M cotton camis for whenever the next heatwave hits us.

Basically been living in bikinis when working from home with just a sheer dress over the top.
I bought this orange dress for around £3 in a vintage sale, it’s perfect for wearing as a kaftan sort of thing.
Also been experimenting so much with jewellery this week as I can’t wear many clothes haha
Popped on a pair of lounge shorts underneath just to go to Tescos (nobody wants to see me in a bikini in the supermarket 😂)
I brought out this oldie this week as well.
It’s from Free People but I actually got it in an ASOS sample sale (my friend works there) it must be around 6 years old.
It’s just aperfect lightweight cotton dress, It’s super short so I always wear it as a kaftan with a bikini or with a pair of shorts underneath.
It’s always a staple Summer holiday piece I pack.
Okay so I didn’t actually wear these dungarees for long but they survived the morning before the sun came round onto our balcony.
Shout out to my little Lobster pin which I love 🦞
So these white linen trousers I bought from Massimo Dutti a few years back.
I hardly ever worn them because they just don’t look right when I put them on, probably because they just need an iron.
But also I struggle to put them with anything either. But I am quite liking the yellow t-shirt tucked in here, this could be a future holiday evening outfit.
I’ve worn this checked blue dress basically all Summer.
My mum gave it to me when I was in lockdown in Norfolk. It’s just the perfect cotton/linen mix holiday dress. Next time I go on holiday (fingers crossed for 2021) I am definitely bringing this.

Then the ‘piece de resistance’…
If you follow me on my Instagram then you’ll know I’ve been getting very giddy about these LF Markey linen shorts I treated myself to this week. I don’t have any shorts in my wardrobe and these would have been a godsend on the weekend when I went to Greenwich. I was debating whether to get the mint or the pink but I am definitely pleased with how good the mint looks.

I was also playing around in my wardrobe this week trying to figure out how to wear this beautiful collar that I got for my birthday a couple of months back. It’s from a small independent brand called Olivia Annabelle Apparel. I was imagining it with jumpers really but I’m desperate to wear it now so I was trying on different looks with maybe a t-shirt and to be honest, I think it works with these shorts and a tee!

Loving the mint shorts with these vintage linen blouse with embroidered collar and sleeves!
I bought this little tee with shoulder pads from H&M this week as well.
Loving the mint with lilac!
I’ve had this denim pink top with raw edging for years (from Topshop). I’ve not worn it in a while but it will definitely be coming out again with these shorts.
Who knew mint goes with everything!
Loving it with yellow as well.
Then this is the other little cotton cami I bought this week from H&M, it was only 6 quid! Bargain.

A couple of other little heatwave appropriate camis I saved on H&M…

I also loved this one but my restricted myself to only two. So cute with a pair of white shorts though.
Also love this little peach colour, would look fab with a tan!

So that’s it from me, this heatwave has desperately got me dreaming of going on a Summer holiday but I’m accepting the fact that that just isn’t going to happen this year so I will save these outfits for 2021 (or another London heatwave perhaps 🤷🏼‍♀️).
My boyfriend and I booked a few days away to the Peak District next month which is about as much as our Summer holiday is going to be but I don’t mind, we’re seeing family, we’re all healthy and safe and that’s what matters.

I know people are going on holiday at the moment and if you can risk being quarantined when you come back then I’m not judging but I also feel for the many people out there who can’t easily quarantine.
But don’t worry girls, we’ll all be back on the beaches wearing our favourite holiday outfits soon, whether it be this year or 2021, we’ve just got to stay positive and live for right now 😘

Lots of love xxxx


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