Skin vs Mask vs Period – Who Wins?

Morning girls,
How are we this week? I can’t actually believe it’s the weekend already!

I am feeling quite relieved that the heatwave has ended and we’re back to fairly normal English Summer temperatures. I was just not coping in the heat but mostly my SKIN wasn’t coping in the heat!

My skin has been going through a tough time of late. I have quite oily and sensitive skin that is easily prone to break out so the combination of heatwave, sweating, wearing a mask and the fact I had a longer period this month lasting 2 weeks has just caused my skin to break out all over my chin with hormone spots. It’s been getting me down to be honest but I keep trying to be kind to myself about it – getting stressed about them definitely makes it worse – and remembering that they will fade and it doesn’t define what I look like.

I’ve heard so many people complain about how bad their skin has been in the heat and when wearing a mask etc – it’s happening to us all including seemingly perfect celebrities but we don’t see it much thanks to the many many filters out there on different social media platforms and our phones and air brushing.
So I wanted to be real and honest and share with you what my skin is like right now…

HIYA! 👋 Just giving you my real ‘just out of bed look’

I feel like I’ve tried all the products under the sun but unfortunately sometimes nothing will stop them breaking out, it’s just about finding the product that doesn’t aggravate them even more – they’re like some bitchy girlfriends that just won’t leave you alone! (anyone else become obsessed with Selling Sunset?).

Everybody’s skin is different and when I’ve written about skin before on here I’ve said that I won’t ever fully recommend a single product that will definitely work for you.
But I do swear by La Roche Posay for my cleanser, toner and moisturiser, it’s super gentle on my skin for when breakouts do occur. They have a fab spot scan system on their website that uses selfies on your phone to analyse your skin. I used it last year to determine which of their range is best suited to me. Now I am using it to track my skin journey. I took a scan at the beginning of this month and now towards the end of the month it says my pimples and marks have reduced on one side of my face but since then I’ve had a flare up on the other side. It’s like the arcade game of trying to get all the moles back in their holes with a hammer! One side of my chin calms down and the other side comes out to play 🙄 Exhausting and feels like it’s never ending but it’s reassuring to keep track of it with this skin diary and see the results over time. It’s all about patience really and trying not to let it get to me (easily said than done I know).

My daily cleanser ❤

The other thing I’ve been very good at recently is giving myself a bit of a self care Sunday session weekly with a mask for oily skin (enjoying the No Clogs Allowed by Soap & Glory at the moment) and wearing no make up when I’m at home to let my skin breathe.

When I am wearing make up and going somewhere, I’ve been taking blotting paper with me in my handbag to help keep my face oil free throughout the day. I also spritz myself with setting spray in the morning to make sure my make up sticks and doesn’t run with sweat (ew so gross isn’t it) which again causes bacteria on the skin and therefore breakouts.

Then finally, the other hero product that I’ve used for so many years now is SAVLON CREAM! The famous antiseptic cream works absolute wonders when I have a new inflamed and painful spot occur. Honestly, I put it on a stressful little bugger of a spot and it instantly soothes it with a few hours later it being a lot calmer.
Life saver.

My breakout skin essentials

Like I said, I am totally no skin expert but I think it’s important to show and share these things with each other. To remind us girls that we’re all human and all go through skin problems, self confidence knocks etc throughout life, no matter how seemingly perfect one appears on Instagram.

Lots of love girls from me and my bitchy girlfriends (aka my spots) 😂xxxxxxx

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