Our Wall of Art

Hi girls,
How are we doing on this bank holiday weekend? I hope you’ve got something nice planned, it’s pay day weekend as well thank goodness!
Don’t know about you but it’s felt like a very long, busy and expensive month to me, eat out to help out eating away at my bank account that’s for sure! Important to help businesses though and having food cooked by someone else for a change was all worth it 😉

So keeping it short and sweet this week as I’m actually away in Norfolk this weekend. I wanted to share with you some more home bits we’ve been doing this past week with putting up our wall prints (thanks to Command Strips – whoever invented those are a godsend to renters!).

We’ve had these wall prints for ages but never got round to putting them up, mainly because we were in a flat share and it’s difficult to put your own spin on the home decor when you have to share it with others and it didn’t quite work in our bedroom.
The first one top left is a collection of photos I had printed of Sam and I a few years back that we put together in a frame for our anniversary that year. Then I absolutely love the old book prints with artwork painted over the top of them in the middle as a set of three, Sam bought these for me as a birthday gift a couple of years ago after seeing them in a hotel. Then in the middle of two them was a beautiful gift one of my best friends hand painted for me last year, it’s my star sign constellation, isn’t incredible right! Then finally a sketch that Sam’s parent’s bought us the first year we got together.
It’s so lovely to be able to display them now!

We’re hoping to build it out over time with a combination of old and new prints, paintings and other artwork. I am buzzing to finally be able to BE THAT person who invests in artwork and has somewhere to hang it (even if we’re still renting haha – one step at a time).

I’ve been saving a lot of screenshots as well recently of other prints I want to buy and some home inspiration as well of how to display them…

I absolutely love how Megan Ellaby displays hers in her beautiful home. I love how she’s mixed old and new prints and paintings with even some tapestry added in.

This print was actually an AD that came up on my Instagram but I just love it and the company have some amazing ones on their website, definitely started following them since.

Then Print Club London is another new local company I’ve discovered recently for amazing wall prints. I absolutely love how the Doesmybumlook40 blogger has displayed hers in her gorgeous home, the different shapes and sizes work fantastically here.

Since seeing the above, I’ve fallen in love with the ‘Norfolk is Always a Good Idea’ print that would look so fab on our artwork wall! £275 is hefty price tag but maybe as a future Christmas present? Here’s hoping 😉

Then finally, I thought this was a superb way of utilising beautiful silk scarves that you don’t necessarily wear anymore. I’ve definitely got a few of those that I could put up. Karen Mabon (a local designer) sell amazing silk scarves in fantastically weird, wonderful and unique prints that would be amazing for this idea.

I also thought the other day that it might be quite cool to print out some of the sunsets I’ve taken snaps of from out on our balcony since we’ve moved in, we’ve seen some incredible light shows with the dramatic changes in weather we’ve had recently.

So I’m going to be on the look out for some additions to the wall over the next few months and years which will be super fun! Maybe some antique paintings, prints and other fun bits. We’ve also got a little hand painted clock that we need to put up that matches the blues of our velvet sofa.

So excited to be able to share our home journey with you over the next few years as we invest in more pieces, antique old and new for our little home ❤️

Lots of love girls and have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!


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