Bring On The Autumn!

Hi girls,
Happy Sunday!

So who’s ready for Autumn? The temperature has dropped the last week or so and to be honest I am totally here for it. I get quite excited about this time of year. New season clothes launch in the shops (I love checking out who’s doing what and following what trends), I can start to wear different items in my wardrobe (I start to get a little bored of my high Summer clothes) and I even love the colours of the leaves on the ground. I’ve really missed all my jumpers as well, I’m a bit of a sucker for a gorgeous jumper or coat.
I just love this transitional phase (whether it be Autumn or Spring) where I can really play around with my wardrobe layering on different pieces – mixing Summer dresses with cosy jumpers etc.
Which is exactly what I started doing this week as it got colder, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ll be wearing over the next few months as we move into Autumn…

Instead of saying goodbye to all my Summer dresses, I love to bring them into Autumn by layering on jumpers or with polo necks underneath, mixing around with different colours as well. Midi dresses are perfect for this as you can get away with not wearing tights majority of the time especially when worn with chunky boots. I’ve stuck to the colours of the floral print on the dress here; bringing out the purple and matching it with the lilac polo neck and then matching the hiking boots with the pink and raspberry within the print as well.

A simple necklace and good to go!

Another favourite Summer dress of mine from H&M this year, worn with a pink jumper and my pink hiking boots again (I am so glad I bought them last year from & Other Stories, they’ve been fab).

Sticking with the Summer dress theme, turning to orange now with this H&M number. Layering on a matching orange cardigan (from Arket last year), this outfit is perfect on those Sunny days when it’s just a gust of wind that makes it a bit colder.

I do love an all over colour outfit at the moment!

So this dress is one that I bought in the sale at the beginning of January in Topshop. I absolutely love the colour, the tiered loose shape and the fabric but I’ve not worn it at all yet as I struggled on how to style it; it didn’t look right in the Summer as it looks like a Christmas dress but then back in January it didn’t look right with all my Winter coats. I finally figured it out this week, it’s definitely an Autumn dress with boots but with a little short jacket rather than a long coat. I took my green cord shirt, took the tie off and turned it into a layering jacket type thing. I am now obsessed with this outfit and worn it multiple times this week 😂 Another all over colour outfit, mixing muted pale pink on the accessories and my bag which is green, pink and yellow snakeskin.

Side note: I may need to invest in another pair of hiking boots as I can see me wearing these pink ones to death this season!
I love the bow at the back as well

Then this is a new dress I’ve not worn yet, a beautiful purple ditsy floral print, midi length and puff sleeves shoulders and ruched sleeves. Finally swapping out the hiking boots for my Dr Martens 😉
Chucked on this floral headpiece as well for dramatic effect haha, I do love a statement piece and an over the top accessory! It’s actually a good day to evening outfits, one of those ‘straight from office to dinner looks’.

But it does also go with my hiking boots of course

Moving onto separates, this is a last year outfit that I am very much feeling this season as well. You know how much I love head to toe pink!
I love a hat in Autumn (when it’s not too windy) and this fuchsia pink fedora is just everything. This cord matching pink shirt is just so comfy as well and then my pale pink Levi’s jeans and you know which shoes…

I’ve got a great checked long coat that I’ll bring out later in the year that I wear with this outfit.

Loving my cord dungarees that I bought back in February from Levis, lilac and ivory is such a great colour combo as well. Then this checked granny knit as well and Dr Martens, this outfit just screams comfort.

Or worn with this sheer cream blouse underneath and my ruffle printed detachable collar.

I also cannot wait to wear this absolutely gorgeous patterned coat from Anthropologie x Delpozo collaboration, I fell in love with this coat as soon as I saw it.

Then bringing out my trusty lilac wide leg jeans for another season, I wear these so much in colder months as they’re just so great with jumpers and boots. Then I got this incredible all over sequin gold sweatshirt a couple of months back but haven’t worn it yet. It’s just so sparkly and shiny, I’m like a moth to a flame!

I’ve been going through what’s new in so far for AW20 in the shops online this week as I haven’t had a chance to get out to stores yet, here are a few of my favourites coming in at the moment…
(Links attached to the pictures to go through to the websites)

This is the ULTIMATE ugly knitted sweater and I love it, from Rokit Vintage.
Lilac still on trend for Autumn Winter and this cosy oversized number is a definite winner from Arket.
Love this Autumn colour cosy jumper with jeans and these fab lilac loafers
Knitted gilets galore! Sweater vests and gilets are such a big trend this season. They look so good layered on in multiple ways and can be fab with dresses as well as separates.
Embroidered statement collars and necklines are such a big trend as well. This is a gorgeous knit from & Other Stories
Another fab knit from & Other Stories, this collar is so cute and would look fab with jeans, overalls or even over a long dress.
Can’t find this online anymore but I just love this sweater vest from Arket! I have been looking for one for ages now that isn’t too long and baggy so that I can put it over midi dresses and this one is perfect.
Moving onto coats, I love this 70s style fur/leather coat from Rokit Vintage.
Quilted coats and jackets are going to be a trend as well and this beaut mint colour from & Other Stories is a yes from me.
An H&M special, this padded coat is super cool in this colour and worn with jeans or over dresses.
Moving onto shoes, I am loving my chunky boots at the minute as you know. These look super stylish and comfy from Arket in simple black patent leather.
Love these cream ones from Bimba Y Lola
How AMAZING are these bright orange boots! Bimba Y Lola smashes unique bright style once again.
Love these black patent chunky boots with red sole from Topshop.
ANOTHER SWEATER VEST! I absolutely love this one as well worn with this beautiful embroidered blouse. Both key trends and Bimba Y Lola have nailed it.
A classic shirt, can’t go wrong.
Another vintage special, this tartan check dress is awesome from Rokit Vintage. Worn with a polo neck underneath and chunky boots, it would look fab in Autumn.

So that rounds up my Autumn excitement so far!
I am going to be heading to the shops at the some point over the next few weeks as well so I’ll share some more Autumn new in styles soon!

Lots of love girls Xxx

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