What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening To

Hi girls,

happy Saturday! I’m so glad it’s the weekend, work has been manic for me this week.

So I thought I’d do a media post of what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to as I’ve not done one in a while. I’m a huge lover of books, magazines (Vogue mainly) and watching old and new movies and tv shows and discussing them with friends. In these weird times that we live in as well, that has been heightened even more so as our social lives had to be put aside.

So starting with watching…
OMG I cried my EYES out last night watching the finale of Schitts Creek (red wine may have contributed). It’s a sit-com TV show on Netflix (go and watch it now seriously, well maybe after you finish reading) and it is absolutely incredible. We hadn’t realised the status of it when we first started watching; it has won multiple awards in the US and was basically the most talked about and most loved show in America for years. It’s basically the 21st century version of Friends it’s got that much hype. They are 30 minutes long and it ran for 6 seasons, all of which are available on Netflix.The plot is based around this very rich family from the east coast of America who loose all their money and have to move to a mid-west town in the middle of nowhere and live in the Motel. From there you embark on an hilariously, cackle out loud, sort of journey watching the characters get used to their new surroundings etc. I think what is so amazing about it is that on the face of it it just seems like a funny sit-com but when you think about it and we didn’t until we watched the documentary afterwards, is the level of detail that goes into every script, every costume (the costumes are out of this world by the way, many world famous designers showcase), every set. Every single one of the characters (big or small) is absolutely priceless, so comical and leaves a lasting impression. You know when you watch something with someone and without realising you spend the rest of your days quoting that show, doing impressions from that show, that has been Sam and I ever since we started watching Schitts Creek.

I also watched Charlie’s Angels the most recent movie that came out last year, available on Now TV. I have always loved the older versions as well so knew I would absolutely love this. It’s written and directed by Elizabeth Banks (think Hunger Games) and Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska are incredible as the 3 angels. It’s the ultimate girl power movie I wanted it to be and comes with the BEST soundtrack too (basically had it non stop on repeat ever since) featuring Ariana, Miley, Lana Del Ray and even Chaka Khan! It’s such a fab kick ass movie, go and watch it this weekend for the sassy, I can do anything, girl power vibes.

Then finally on the watched front, I completely binge watched The Morning Show on Apple TV Plus last month. I’d kept seeing trailers for it this year and think to myself, that looks amazing, then when I had to get my IPad fixed 🙁 I basically had to buy a new one and suddenly got free Apple TV Plus for a year so I could finally watch it (every cloud has a silver lining as they say).
It stars two of my favourite actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston as the two main characters. It’s based around a morning news show in America and the drama that goes on behind the scenes. It hooked me in from the first episode and I had to binge watch because I just couldn’t stop watching and had to know what happened next! It focuses a lot on the Me Too movement and it really opened up my eyes on what can and does unfortunately happen in a big cooperate machine. Every actor is magnificent and breathtaking in their performance, I would honestly sit and watch it and realise I haven’t taken a breath for a very long time it’s that good.

Okay so onto what I’ve been listening to…

So as I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of podcasts. I listen to them when running (it completely takes my mind off of what I’m doing and honestly before I know it I’ve run 5k) and listen to them in the bath relaxing or on the tube to work. I just love the escapism.
My number one favourite podcast is Shagged Married Annoyed which I tell basically every person I know and meet to go and listen to, I know I’ve mentioned it on here before so won’t go into detail, just if you haven’t listened yet, just go and do it now, honestly you won’t regret it.
Aside from that, another regular listen is How to Fail With Elizabeth Day. It is super inspiring, featuring a lot of famous people basically talk about how they have failed in the past in areas of their life, like their career, parenthood, relationships etc. It’s so reassuring to hear people that seemingly look like they are super successful (which they no doubtingly are) have things go wrong in their lives just like the rest of us do. One of my favourite episodes is with the author Marian Keyes who is fabulous in every interview she does. Keyes talks about her struggle with alcohol in the past and some very dark times in her life and how she managed to turn it around and become one of the best selling authors out there (I’m a huge fan of her books as well). It’s truly an inspiring listen and I highly recommend for that reassuring, grounding and calming sense that we all need in our lives.

I’ve also been listening to Table Manners for almost a year now by Jessie Ware and her fabulously hilarious mum Lennie. Each week they invite a celebrity round their house and they eat and talk about everything, mainly food. Obviously in lockdown that had to change to eating and chatting over Skype but it is still as brilliant as ever. They have had some amazing guests from Dua Lipa to Twiggy to the Labour MP Jess Phillips. It’s an easy listen so perfect when on route to work or doing something as you can sort of zone in and out a bit. They also bought out a cookbook this year also called Table Manners which features a lot of the recipes they’ve cooked on their show and they are SUPER delicious.

Then finally, the best bit, what I’ve been reading!

Okay so first up is a book I read last month called The Year of Less by Cait Flanders. Cait is a blogger in America who had a steady job but always struggled to save (basically me). So she decided to stop buying things for an entire year apart from some essentials on her pre-approved list like food (obvs), toiletries but only when they’ve completely run out and some other odd bits and bobs that could be needed for her home like cleaning products or if something breaks and needs to be replaced. The book is her account of that year and the outcome. It goes into detail of her struggles in the past with alcohol addiction but also shopping addiction (which I definitely have) and realising that she was chasing happiness and contentment by throwing money at everything which isn’t the answer. It really resonated with me as someone who also struggles to save and has always lived for the right here right now when it comes to money. In lockdown I managed to save so much money because I wasn’t doing anything and I previously hated online shopping and when we came out of lockdown did I realise how much I could save if I was clever and budgeted. My mantra previously was always ‘but I work hard to get paid to be able to enjoy and treat myself’ so I always assumed I couldn’t save. But actually I can have fun each month, treat myself to the odd thing and also save money (it sounds so simple but I just was always chasing rather than sitting back and saving). When it comes to shopping addiction it’s definitely chasing that 5 minute buzz of happiness and excitement that I’ve come to realise I do. So since reading this book I have sat down and reviewed my spending habits and budgeted for my ‘fun spend’ of shopping, eating out and drinking. I always put money into my savings account the 1st day I get paid but I then sometimes take it out again as I realise I’m short by the end of the month. So I’ve decided to have a separate card (my Monzo card) for my fun budget and then my main card is for bills, rent, travel, food etc. When my ‘fun card’ runs out that’s it – I can’t buy myself anything else, I’m almost treating it like I don’t actually have the money to spend. This month is the first time I’m trialling this process so we’ll see how it goes. It’s also about mindset which the book really gets across, about not NEEDING so much stuff and being content with what you have. Which goes with the theme of this week’s post of staying at home (or going for a run) and enjoying watching, listening and reading rather than always wanting to go out shopping, for drinks or for dinner.

Following on from that, I also decided to start using my Kindle again last month. I got it years ago one Christmas and haven’t used it in ages. But after the traumatic experience of moving house a couple of months ago and having to box up and carry all my bloody books that I’ve bought I thought it was time to stop buying paperbacks and starting buying digitally; better for the planet as well. It’s also much easier for carrying around in my bag when reading on my journey to work etc. I love the smell and feel of an actual book (I know, I’m odd) so I will flit between kindle and paperback when I want to read something special and want to keep the physical book with me. Just like I’ve done with Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments which I’m currently reading. I’m not half way through yet so won’t go into detail but so far it’s safe to say it’s amazing.

So that pretty much sums up what I’m watching, reading and listening to at home, on a run or on the tube to work.

If you’ve got any good recommendations of stuff you’ve watched, read or listened to then please message me, quite often the best things are from what people recommend!

Have a good weekend girls and lots of love xxx

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