‘I need 10 or 15 Skirts From Calvin Klein’

Hi girls,
happy Saturday, although it’s not the best Saturday we’ve had is it? If you live in London or other areas that have entered tier 2 or even 3 as of today then it’s horrid to think we’re going back into lockdown again. But we still have a bit of freedom left, we can still go to pubs and restaurants (although the government have said to reduce the amount of times we use public transport) and we can still meet up with friends and family outside only. It does suck and I do feel for everyone who lives alone, doesn’t have a good home environment/atmosphere and all the people who have lost someone or fears for their own health.
All we can do is try to enjoy what we have I guess and find peace and grounding in every day life, I say that as if I have been doing exactly that, NOT. As I’m sure you have, I’ve been feeling very ‘mehhh’ and a bit down all week. But what does always lift my mood is my wardrobe, my clothes that I treasure and this week I wore the brightest outfits you can imagine to lift my spirits…

Which leads me onto this week’s post, all about skirts. Not ‘10 or 15 skirts from Calvin Klein’ LOL, I’m talking about all-you-can-eat skirts, sitting-down-for-100-hours-working skirts. Comfy midi skirts that are so easy to wear at home as they don’t cut your tummy in two like jeans do. Throw on a jumper untucked and you’ve got yourself a stylish yet effortless outfit for working from home/or commuting in half asleep (basically me this week).
They are also a great way to dress for Autumn as it keeps you warm enough without having to layer on a bulky coat and works with both boots (if it’s raining like this week) or trainers.

Here are my favourite skirt outfits I’ve been wearing…

I’ve also put together the best comfy midi skirts out there right now from a mixture of high street, designer and local small businesses should you be tempted to get out of the joggers (no judging)…
(click on the picture to go through to their website)

& Other Stories

Such a fab colour, wear with a black jumper or to go colour crazy like me I’d put it with orange or green.
Love the teal colour on this one, it’s so versatile.

Bimba Y Lola

Elasticated waistband, I’m in!
Such a fab uplifting print


Anthro styling is basically me 😉
This tulle skirt with oversized jumper is fab
Perfect for a rainy Autumn day, love the colours on this one
Tonal blue yes please
Another uplifting print, love it


Rixo prints are just the best!

Urban Outfitters

This looks mega comfy and love how Urban have styled with a classic sweatshirt.

Oliver Bonas

Cannot go wrong with leopard print and a black jumper for the days when you can’t be bothered.

Hush For John Lewis

Loving the green
Another elasticated waistband and a fab colour that would go with so much
Always here for neon


Just discovered this small brand and I love their styling
This is what I mean, so comfy yet stylish

Waiste Vintage

How fab is this! One off vintage, even better
Another gorgeous outfit idea

Pink City Prints

Okay this is a bit summery but with boots and thick jumper it could work

Lorna Ruby

Leopard print for the win

Side note, I attempted my first ever REEL this week! Eek! I am not one of those people who spends hours doing things like this (who has the time apart from students?). But the other day I had an hour or two spare and I thought why not give it ago. It’s actually not as complicated as I thought on Instagram. There’s a tool that lines you up with the previous snapshot with an outline on your screen so you can make sure you’re in the same position. If it’s to music then there’s a tool to set yourself on a timer and a countdown if you’re doing it by yourself (like I was). All in all I found it quite fun (gosh I sound like such a grandma!) but I can’t say I’ll be doing lots from now on. Might keep me entertained at home in lockdown though?
So here it is, my reel debut although I haven’t quite figured out how to get the music to it on Instagram onto here so do check it out on my Instagram page as well for the full dance one.

Lots of love girls, stay strong and try to stay positive. We’ll get through this with funny reels, our own attempts, bright outfits, all you can eat outfits with yummy food to go with it and laughter (even if just from Netflix).

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