These Boots Are Made for Walking

Hi girls,
happy Saturday morning 😊

So the weather this week has felt like my mood – constantly up and down. One minute it’s raining and then the next it’s blue skies and sunshine. Very much like me, one minute I’m all bouncing around happy (usually after a cup of a coffee) and then a few hours later I’m down again and it’s not just a caffeine come down haha.
I don’t know, I just keep feeling like something is missing in my life. I think it’s that whole social aspect of life that is almost ‘forbidden’; going out for drinks, dancing on a Saturday night, having friends over (well the dancing part hasn’t been allowed since before March) but I think it’s affecting me more and more. I just need that let loose feeling, the laughter with my best girlfriends, the throwing my hands in the air and feeling free feeling, I mean seriously these boots are made for walking! (or dancing) 😉
I’m being dramatic, my hormones are crazy this week as it’s that time of the month, and I am trying to remain grateful and find happiness in the little things in life like being at home more but it’s hard sometimes right? Just being honest as it’s important to share our feelings so that we know we’re not alone in this weird messed up time we live in.

Anyway, back to the rainy weather, one thing I have been grateful for this week are my winter boots! Not the most comfortable things (whoever said Dr Martens are comfortable!) but they get me through, battling the elements by my side.
So I thought I’d do a round up of my favourite boots and my ones out there to buy now. I’ve bought some really rubbish boots in the past, that haven’t lasted more than a season so I do believe boots are one of those things to invest in. A good pair of boots can last a lifetime [enter cheesy comment].
(click on the picture to go through to the website)

I am a sucker for a hiking boot or just a flat boot in general (never been one for heels) and trend wise the hiking boot has been the main trend on shoe wear for a few seasons now, I mean it’s basically all brands are doing with a couple of heeled boots thrown in for good measure. The cowboy boot was in the running for most sought after boot but the hiking boot is just too darn comfy right! (Never have found my perfect pair of cowboys).

From left to right: Dr Martens, & Other Stories, Tamaris and Dr Martens

So first up Dr Martens, as much as they aren’t the most comfortable after a long day running around in the office (it’s that little toe pain that’s the problem), they are so sturdy, fantastically made and will last forever.
I lot of people go for the classics but I love the more unique designs they do…

Love this leather, what a fab colour
Love in the burgundy with black faux fur, would go with everything.
also fur inside, hell yeah!
These are quite funky, they’re a bit stark but worn with a dress it would look fab
Oh wow, I am very much in love with these ones.
They are so different! Imagine paired with another check, amazing

I mean I have LIVED in my & Other Stories pink hiking boots, they are starting to look a little worn bless them, but I don’t feel like the brand have got as many amazing boots this year.
I do adore these cream ones below, cream Chelsea boots are an emerging trend and well I tried to buy some last month and unfortunately someone stole them out of my parcel left outside my front door 😕

A smarter way and more commercial way of doing a western boot.

Okay Anthropologie you really do reel me in with your boots every year! (Honestly 😉)

I haven’t plucked up the courage to splurge yet but I’m thinking about it.
I mean this is a Hattie way of doing a cowboy boot for sure.
Love these Chelsea chunky sole boots as well in this fab burgundy colour

I have a pair of Sorel snow boots, bought a few years back, and I love them, they are so comfy! Sorel mainly do hiking boots, snow boots etc but fashion wise, I absolutely adore these ones below with bright red laces. Also it would be fab to mix these laces up, buy some bright pink ones from Ebay or on the market, it would look so cool.

Love these ones.

Shoe The Bear, another fantastic small shoe brand that design long lasting, good quality shoes.

Oh these are just too cool, enough said.
Also love these tan ones with the mixture of suede and croc leather with red laces. Again it would be cool to mix these laces up.

Bimba Y Lola, I’ve only ever bought a pair of sandals from them so far and I must admit they weren’t that comfy (but were also massively discounted in sale) but I would imagine their boots are better.

OMG this outfit!
I love these pink rain boots, such a fab colour and bonus they’d keep your feet dry! (Colour comes first)
Another fab croc chunky boot.

So I bought a pair of second hand Timberland pink boots around 6 years ago and I have worn them to death, they are now my Norfolk weekend walking boots or my skiing boots. These are MEGA comfy and still cool.

How cute! Love the floral detail, would look fab paired with dark tartan dress or pair of jeans and a shirt.
They’ll need to be paired with something smart otherwise could look a bit child like.
Lovely colour and would go with everything, a classic really.

I owned a pair of Vagabonds many moons ago, bought from Urban Outfitters, and they are another fab shoe brand to have on the radar.

Patent is a definite win from me.
Love the colour too!
These are a bit different but I totally dig them.
With a dress they would look so stylish.

Aww how could I not talk about shoes without mentioning my ALL TIME FAVOURITE shoe shop Imelda’s!
A local business in the centre of Norwich, my hometown, I have been going to Imelda’s since I was little – my Granny and Mum always take me and whenever I am in Norwich we go together. They have such a fantastic range of shoes, from big brands like Dr Martens to smaller brands like Italian shoemakers Tamaris (where my black patent ones are from).
They also have a website so anyone can easily buy from them, it’s so important to support our local businesses at this time.

Imeldas you’ve done it again, I am in love.
Similar to my boots but in a fab brown snakeskin leather.
Love the colour and the faux fur lining
A slightly easier cowboy boot as it’s more of an ankle boot and will work with jeans and dresses.

Boots can be expensive so when looking to buy a pair I always do have a little look on second hand sellers like Depop and EBay to see if anyone is selling any (authentic) ones that have been looked after.
Also, I highly recommend spraying your boots when you first buy them with protective leather or suede spray. It really does make a difference!

Lots of love girls xxxx

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