The Names Bond… James Bond

Hi girls,
happy weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
I must admit I’m not someone who goes all out on this All Hallows’ eve but for me, any excuse to dress up and party right? I’ve hosted Halloween house parties before, wild nights out clubbing with friends with fake blood down our faces. I even won a competition last year for ‘the best’ Thriller dance in a bar in Camden and got a free t-shirt and free drinks, such good times!

Obviously this year is a little different as most of us in the UK can’t mix households inside. But that didn’t stop my friends and I last night having our own little all hallows eve eve fun…

We went on an outdoor augmented reality escape room equivalent with Aim Escape, based in Central London.
We went on our very own SECRET mission to save the world from a deadly virus (no seriously that was the brief, little bit close to home 😂?).

Obviously I got dressed up for the occasion (‘Siri google a spy outfit’)…

Not one for wearing black, I think I did pretty well for coming up with a spy outfit Charlie’s Angels would approve of 😉

We met our equivalent to Q at a secure top secret location where she handed us our gadgets to help complete the mission. We had our brief and then had a timer of 2 and a half hours in which to complete the mission and successfully save the world.
We then were on our own as top secret agents that the world was depending on. We followed a map of London displayed on our high tech tablet that took us on some fantastic parts of the city and some great views…

These are my fellow agents
A fantastic view of the shard lit up at night

We had to complete the mission in stages according to the map, solving clues and riddles as we went, building up to the final SHOW DOWN (like in James Bond).

I can officially share with you that we did indeed save the world with only 27 seconds to spare! It was a very TENSE moment. You can thank us later 💁‍♀️

It really was such a fantastic night, we were absolutely absorbed in our mission and were like little kids on a scavenger hunt we were THAT excited and having so much fun.

So if you’re struggling to come up with an ‘outdoor friendly’ event for a birthday, hen/stag do, or just a very different kind of night out with your mates then I highly recommend Aim Escape Augmented Reality Outdoor City Experience 🙌
Go check them out on their Instagram and website below…
(Instagram: @aimescape)

Lots of love girls, happy Halloween and remember (DON’T TRUST ANYONE 🤔)


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